Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday 2/26/09

1. Free sample of Kotex

2. Free Green Tea Face Masque and Night and Day cream sample
- please send us your name and shipping address by clicking on the link here

3. Free splenda no calorie sweetner flavors for coffee mocha
-New flavor

4. Free peta “Stop the Seal Slaughter” action pack

5. Free subscription to Maxim

6. One Free swagbuck code
-Enter code: BirthdayBuck

7. $10 off at
-Working again
Link -You should see the $10 credit in your account if you add something to your cart and checkout. It will be on there before you get to the CC section.
-make sure you save the customer number info they give you, they won’t email it to you.

8. Free Caldrea household product sample
-Select orders, coupons, promotions in the drop down and request a sample in the form

9. Free sample of Parents Choice powdered baby formula
-New link

10. 3M Thinsulate Insulation Scotchlite Online Consumer Research Program
-you could receive free products just for joining the team

11. Giveaway of the day – Magical File Shield 1.0

12. Free vision assessment for your child
-Select areas
-Limited time only

13. Free Stickers from Brass Monkeys

14. Free copy of “Beautiful Outdoor Spaces”

15. Free Presidential Prayer Team Blue and Gold static cling

16. Free stickers from Jays boardshop

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