Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday 2/19/2009

1. Free bumper sticker from Health Reformer

2. Free star motorcycles dvd

3. Free Get High bumper sticker
-Not what you are thinking, it’s about mountain climbing
-You register with them for free, and they will send you a free sticker

4. 25 Free bumperstickers from no more tests

5. Free Parenting kit
-CA only

6. Free bottle from MAM
-Offer only available in select U.S. cities

7. Free Get Organized tips ebooklet

8. Free tips for parenting in a commercial culture guide

9. Tons of free publications from minwax
-My favorite is “Easy Weekend Projects”

10. Free “2008 Wines from Spain far from Ordinary Wine Guide”

11. Free Brain Facts book

12. Free Peace Pilgrim Book

13. Free Mystery of the Ages book

14. Free 100 Questions & Answers about Crohn’s Disease

15. Free Holidays or Holy days: Does it Matter Which days we keep? booklet

16. Free Gita book
-Top left click “here” to order

17. Free Goji Book/Free Goji CD

18. Free God’s Great outdoors booklet or bookmark

19. Free fragrance samples from weird fragrance
-Seriously weird, choices are: Grease Monkey, The Love of Money, Pumpkin Spice, Cajun Delight, Burning Rubber, Fourth of July,
Ash tray, Magazine Pages, Fresh Bread, Hot cookies

20. Free Skin Analysis sample kit

21. Free sample of SUN Laboratories

22. Free downloadable ebook “Bad Breath Bible”

23. Free 2009 Nothing but hotties calendar
-Adult Freebie

24. Free Open heart Cross

25. Free fit together bracelet
-Certain areas only

26. Free Mark Copeland at Caesars Palace t-shirt
-Send them an email at:

27. Free dvd from heartfelt
-Features activities heart attack survivors can fit into their daily lives

28. Free Almased Synergy Died dvd
-Enter source code: LHJ0309

29. Two free issues of Family Circle magazine
-New link

30. Free tube of Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather
-Take the quiz (you can do the quiz every 3 months)

31. Free subscription to Soap Opera Digest

32. Free outdoor Channel New Year, New Gear pack
-It’s for dish and directTv subscribers

33. Free weekender sample kit from become beauty
-They will call you

34. Free blood glucose meter
-Make sure you check the last box under special member benefits

35. Free Patti Callahan Henry autographed bookplates and bookmarks

36. Free “A traveler’s guide to america’s diaryland”

37. Free sample from paul Mitchell
-Scroll down

38. Free sample of Degree men deodorant

39. Free baby blanket with stuffed animal

40. Free Thomas the train play date at toys r us
-sat. feb 21, 2009
-Enjoy storytime, coloring fun, Thomas trivia, and free giveaways

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