Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday 4/29/09

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Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group


1. Free Tangomonium Frozen Yogurt at Red Mango on saturday from noon-4

2. Free Dear Abby Heart Health Information Kit

3. Free tote bag -IL, IN & WI only
-specifically the Chicago metropolitan area only

4. Free Buell Guerilla Gear Lock -in store

5. Free $5.00 Gourmet Coffee Gift Card
-company name required

6. 1 Free swagbucks code
Enter code: twitter10k

7. Free Everclear Lint Roller at walmart
-print coupon
-Walmart sells the trial sized rollers for $.97 at many locations, so you should be able to get it free with the coupon.

8. Free wordsmart challenge cd

9. Free Sleep kit w/ Eye mask – MD, DC, VA, PA, DE only

10. Free Armor All starter kit
-working again;sz=728x90;dcopt=rcl;mtfIFrameRequest=false;click=*;ord=1239724885298873?

11. Free Hostess or Dolly Madison snack cake for kid and free loaf of bread for you
-it’s for chidren in gradeds k-6th that get all a’s and b’s on report card

12. Free stuff from Toyota
For anyone who has a Toyota truck with over 200,000 miles on it. Join this special club for free and receive a special license plate frame, stickers and -- if you provide a photo -- a T-shirt. (US)

13. Free software giveaway of the day – Paragon Partition Manager 2009 special edition (English version)

14. Free sample kit from the Natural bed store
-each kit contains a welcome letter and samples of all-natural latex, wool and cotton

15. Free “young teens need pour it on” poster

16. Free energizer zero mercury hearing aid sample

17. Free purse key hanger
-might be for MO only, but it doesn’t say. First 5k.

18. Free $5 GC to

19. Free catalog and fabric swatch from hemp traders

20. Free sample pack of stickers

21. Free Kymco T-Shirt
-you can sign up for either one

22. Free San Angelo Community Medical Center Tote Bag -TX only

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday 4/28/09

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Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group


1. Free sample of seeded plantable paper

2. Free bread bowl pasta at select dominos tomorrow from 11am-2pm
-Select locations=

3. Free subscription to Islands

4. Seven free issues of Saltwater sportsman

5. Free My Virginia Memory Postcard

6. Free digital TV converter box and HDMI cable
-this is for people who have their converter box coupons(which you can still request).
-The box should be right there on the main page.
-You use your coupon card when you checkout.
-if you have both coupons you can order 2 in one order as well

7. Free packet of Thumbelina flower seeds -working again
-they want you to email them your request now

8. New registry freebies
-bloomingdales has added a few new gifts to their registry page. The new ones are the Scanpan Utensil Set, the two Gien bottle coasters, and the Victorinox Leakproof Pouch Set. You want to do the ones under “Gifts With Registry”. Create the registry, add the items that the forms specify, then mail in the form.
-the Victorinox one has to be signed up a store consultant. The Gien one is supposed to be shown to one as well, but doesn’t seem to require a sig.

9. Free Remote Prayer Stickers

10. Free Tom’s Friend coffee mug

11. Free 5×7 Hallmark Folded Paper Card mailed
-enter code: CARD4MOM at checkout

12. Free sample of Nature’s Source Natural All-Purpose Cleaner -working again
-first 10,000 every tuesday until may 4

13. Free Barracuda energy shot at Max Muscle
-store locator
Expires 4/30

14. Free “Pit of Debt” Financial Literacy poster
-poster, bookmarks, etc…

15. Free giveaway of the day – Proxy voyager

16. 2000 pogo tokens for Mother’s day
-You have to put together a really easy jigsaw puzzle

17. Free copy of “One step ahead: The Foot owner’s manual”

18. Free magnets and stickers from foodler

19. Free bag of sample clips from seemore
-Click on “order free samples”
-Make sure to check the box for free sample bag of seemore kilps

20. Free downloadable issue of All about beer
-Click “here and enjoy a free issue”
-Then click the download free sample issue on bottom right

21. Free Family tree maker magazine

22. Free subscription to Hunter and sport horse magazine

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday 4/27/09

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Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group


1. Free WOODWAY Be Green. Run Clean. T-Shirt
-you have to write about their fitness products to get it

2. Free subscription to Restyling
-it’s about the auto and truck accessory trade.
Company name required

3. Free subscription to Boating Life

4. Free Mighty Dog Nation Citizenship Kit
-I posted this a bit a go, but if you sign up with promo code: CITIZEN522 you get a dog toy too

5. Free BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich at White Castle

6. Free Earthbound Farm reusable shopping tote -working again
-click take the pledge, click one of the suns, then click add, then click submit my pledge.
-it’s for the first 10,000 every monday all month

7. $10 off at dots stores
-in store
-They send you a coupon to print out for taking a survey.
-There is no minimum purchase, so anything under $10 is free

8. Free TENA Mens Protective Underwear and Guards

9. Free Leapfrog The Learning Rhythms CD
-You can download it or have them mail it to you
-You have to sign up and list the leapfrog toys your kids own (you can just pick random ones if you want to)

10. Free killina’s Beer Tasting kit
-Enter your birth date (must be at least 21), Then “Begin Journey”
-Click on “free brewmaster’s tasting kit”, then click on “I don’t have a kit yet. Enter my code now.”
Use code: P3W9L4T or M9N7K3K
(I posted this before, it a long time but I finally received mine yesterday. You get all the stuff in the picture, the glasses, keychain, etc… It’s a really cool pack. Since I saw it was still valid, I thought I would repost it for those that missed out the first time around. Amber T)

11. Free Safe and Healthy kids – From toddler to pre-teen booklet

12. Free sample of IronVital F and Free booklets

13. Free software giveaway of the day – tidy favorites pro

14. Free 20-piece starter pack of Nicorette Cinnamon Surge
-let the video play then click get my starter pack

15. Taste the Fire for Free at El Pollo Loco
-April 28

16. Free “A matter of time” booklet

17. Free stuff from tnt
-Poster, sticker, magnet, tattoos, and more

18. Free “One of the 28th’ mp3
-it’s a story

19. Free comic book day – May 2nd
-Go into any participating comic book store and get a free comic book

20. Free downloadable spring planner,7685,s1-0-0-0,00..html
-This is for signing up for their free newsletter. Make sure the box at the bottom is NOT checked. That is to sign up for their not free magazine.

21. Free canopy idea book

22. Free “I can’t breathe” dvd
-It’s about smoking

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday 4/26/09

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Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group


1. Free Right Guard Fast Break –coupon
-click “click here to learn more”
-it’s a print coupon
-first 10k
-You can print 2

2. Free ticket to an Atlanta Braves game

3. Free Beech-Nut Solid Advice Booklet

4. Free Starz or Internet Speed Upgrade for a year for comcast customers
This is for people who have the sports package. They’re taking away the nfl networks and are giving this to customers that had it. To redeem the offer, call the Comcast Customer Appreciation Offer Hotline at (866) 671-0782 and you will be prompted, “If you recently received a letter concerning possible NFL Network changes and are calling to redeem one of the customer appreciation offers, press 1.”

5. Free Burt’s Bees lip balm next month
-”giving away 25,000 LIP BALMS!! April Fools? No, really. We are. It’s all in celebration of our 25th birthday beginning on May 27th. Be sure to RSVP”
-I’m not sure how they’ll be doing it, but you might want to rsvp on facebook

6. Free window blinds child safety kits

7. Free Hidden Expedition game from bigfish
Hidden Expedition: Everest-click buy now and enter code: FREEEVEREST

8. Free Spa Mania game from bigfish
Spa Mania-enter code: FREESPA

9. Free Fairway Solitaire game from bigfish -click buy now, then enter code: FREEFAIRWAY

10. Pedigree Puppy Program
-you get Over $10 in instant savings, A subscription the PEDIGREE Puppy Scoops e-newsletter, A downloadable Puppy Care Guide, A special gift for your puppy when he reaches adulthood

11. Free book for kids at Barnes and Noble this summer
-Read any eight books and record them on this Summer Reading Journal.
-Bring your completed Reading Journal to a Barnes & Noble store between May 26th and September 7th

12. Free software giveaway of the day – clipdiary 2.1

13. Free Eww patch sample

14. Free sample kit from Psprint

15. Free pc game giveaway of the day – Arkanoid: Space ball

16. Free samples from DaiEi Papers

17. Don’t foget: Free chicken at kfc
Tomorrow: 4/27/09
Free 1 piece Kentucky grilled chicken

18. Free Packy club for kids
-get a free patch, birthday card, etc….
-You have to print out the form and mail it in
-Click “take Packy PlayFair’s pledge” on the right

19. Free poetry posters
-For teachers, librarians, and booksellers

20. Free packet of Thumbelina flower seeds
-first 1000 (but was just posted as I am finishing up the newsletter so you might still be able to get in on it)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday 4/25/09

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Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group


1. Free Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving Wipes
Text message: dissolve to 467467 on your cell phone -it won’t let you get these again if you have previously requested them with another promotion. -thanks mestandard txt rates apply

2. Free Yard and Garden Maintenance workshop at home depot on May 14

3. Free Azada game download from Big Fish Games
-click “buy now” and enter code: FREEAZADA at checkout

4. Free Blockbuster Favorites Movie Rental this weekend
You can rent a “favorites”(non-new release) movie at blockbuster this weekend. You just have to say the promo code: “Chicken Little” to the cashier when you’re checking out. Blockbuster has a recording about this promotion if you call 877-984-5679 and press 1

5. Free sample of Ray & Terry’s Supreme Nutritional Supplement Shake Mix

6. Free Simply Pawesome Specialty Dog Treat Sample Pack
-working again

7. Free Miley Cyrus Poster
-New offer

8. Free Home Made Simple coupon booklet
-new link

9. Free Subscription to Motorcyclist

10. Free $10 GC
-click take our survey
-the cheapest thing is $14.99+shipping, so you can’t get anything for free, but I like to do these and watch for clearances and such

11. Free subscription to Organic Gardening
-if you’re not a member you can sign up here

12. Free L’Oreal Ever Pure Samples from InStyle
Send your name and address to for your free samples of L’oreal Ever Pure shampoo and conditioner samples. -this came in an email from them

13. Miller Coors Survey panel
-you might be asked to: - Do product tests on new products (sent to your home or work via FedEx) - Review new product concepts online - Review packaging and graphics online - Attend a local group discussion - Participate in a chat session - Or just to let us know what you like MillerCoors products in general!
Every time you complete a project you will be compensated $5 to $100 depending on the type of project.
-it doesn’t give a confirmation page, but I think it’s going through

14. Free 4-issue subscription to Wood Magazine (two different links where you can get it)

15. Free schick and poise samples at Walmart this weekend
-check to see if your store is participating

16. Free Peta Mccruelty action pack

17. Free sample of just like sugar

18. Free software giveaway of the day – complex evolution

19. Free game giveaway – around the world in 80 days

20. Free automotive enthusiast handbook

21. Free booklet – Earth blessings: Prayers for our planet

22. Free Help it’s a Roach, Prevention activity book for kids

23. Free soft pretzel at prezelmaker
On Sunday April 26, 2009 Pretzelmaker and Pretzel Time locations will celebrate National Pretzel Day by giving away FREE Original Soft Pretzels. Participation and times vary by location. Check with your local Pretzelmaker / Pretzel Time store for details. (limit one per customer)

24. Free sent samples from signature scent

25. Free campaign for nursing stuff
-magnets, coloring books, etc..
I have posted this a few times, but I add it on again every so often when they add something new. Now they have red “thank a nurse” magnets
-organization name required

26. Free “talking to your doctor about menopause” package

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday 4/23/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. Free sample of NIVEA Touch of Happiness Body Wash

2. Free Dove Go Fresh Deodorant sample -working again
-copy paste the link

3. Free Woodworking Fact Kit and “Sawdust Therapy” TV Show DVD

4. Free tena pads, pantiliners, or underwear
-new link

5. Free Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer
-click request a sample
-their site is getting hit really hard at the moment, I just left it alone and it finally loaded

6. Free sample of Delices de Cartier perfume

7. 2 Free Texas Rangers tickets
-Vote online and select the Texas Rangers as a “favorite” or “other favorite” Club the maximum 25 times between Wed., April 22 and Thu., July 2 and receive two (2) free tickets to one (1) select Texas Rangers home game of your choice in sections regularly priced up to $25.

8. 1 free baltimore orioles ticket

9. Free spray tan at Hollywood tans
-Free spray tan at Hollywood tans
-first 5000 starting April 28
-Site seems to be live now
-make sure you click the link under where it says No purchase is necessary to enter before you fill out the form

10. Free sunglasses at a Charlotte Russe store
-May 5
- if you bring the June 2009 cover of Seventeen or a printout of the homepage.

11. Free Sunscreen & Bug Spray spray -MN/WI only

12. Free That’s Caring tote bag
-sign up for the newsletter on the right, you will get an email asking for your address to get the tote.
-their email box seems to be full right now, so maybe wait a day to reply back to them

13. Free O’Neal motocross stickers
-enter your email on the bottom right

14. Free sleep number t-shirt -in store -locator

15. Free Cedar Fresh Sample
-Page isn’t loading at the moment, but it still mentions it on the homepage, so check it every so often to see if it is running again

16. Free L’Oreal Advanced Revitalift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair
-click banish wrinkles at the bottom

17. Free Huggies Snug and Dry diaper sample
-for sams club number enter any number like this: 102999112254**** with 4 random numbers at the end

18. Free Confessions of a Shopoholic by Sophie Kinsella book

19. Free Burgie’s Organics Natural Laundry Detergent sample

20. Free reusable lunch-size bag at Whole Foods
-Coupon expires 4/26

21. Free Maxpro condom sample pack

22. Free software giveaway of the day – wondershare dvd to flash converter

23. Free stencil ruler

24. Free music cd
-has to do with diabetes

25. Free Woody’s Grooming product samples

26. Free Notebook and pen from CSO competitive society

27. Free downloadable Nike sportmusic coached workout

28. Free M.O.O. parents welcome pack
-Kids activity flyer, newsletter, bumper sticker, and valuable coupons for Organic Valley products

29. Free “Helping your child learn science” ebook

30. Free “The Velveteen Rabbit” ebook

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday 4/21/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. Free golden age stories collector’s edition bookmark set

2. Free sample of Nature’s Source Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
-first 10,000 every tuesday all month

3. Free Lemonade Day selling kit -TX, IN, MN only
-austin/bryan/college station/houston TX, Wayne County IN, and Minneapolis MN only. You have to pick up the backpack of materials at certain locations

4. Free sample of teecino caffeine-free herbal coffee

5. Free bag of DOGSWELL dry food for dogs

6. Free Dylan’s Candy Chocolate bar
- you have to get 3 friends to sign up for their newsletter to get it. You can get more by referring more friends.

7. 10 Free text messages on AT&T wireless
Text message: Yes to 3722 on your ATT cell phone

8. 10 Free FoodSaver Freeze ‘N Steam Bags

9. Todays free Gillette Fusion razor code
-enter code: 3eGj2

10. Free Fire safety activity booklet

11. Free software giveaway of the day – foxonic professional 3.2

12. Free care package for deployed Marines
If you are the family member or friend of a combat deployed Marine, you can request a package to be sent to your Marine. There is no charge; this is a FREE service for Marines and their families. Packages are shipped five times each year: early January, mid-March, early June, mid-August and late October. (US)

13. Free poster and vacation planners from snowmass
-You download the free poster
-at the bottom of the form are check boxes for them to send you the free vacation planners

14. Free red blood of Jesus Prayer Handkerchief

15. Free “Talking openly with kids” booklet

16. Free will planning guide

17. Free Oakley Sketchpad

18. Free $5 Starbucks card
-you have to watch their webinar tomorrow. The terms say you were supposed to be invited, so it might not come

19. Free “ABC – Math can be fun’ ebook

20. Free Aveeno tote bag and hair care samples tomorrow (as in after midnight) -there isn’t any info about when it will go live.
-First 1000 (good luck!)

21. Don’t forget!
Tomorrow 4/22/09
Free gift at the Disney store
Bring in 3 plastic bottles to any Disney store and receive a free gift

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday 4/20/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. Free Announcement card sample
-sign up and they’ll email you the promo code. Go back to the site, select a product, click order sample, and enter the code while checking out

2. Free subscription to Islands

3. Free Gillette Fusion Razor – Another way to get it
Text “Gillette” to 56418 during a Yankees game and you’ll receive a code redeemable on to receive a Gillette Fusion is the yankees schedule

4. Free sample of Aveeno Nourish+ Hair Care Collection

5. Free John Frieda Root Awakenings sample

6. Free fungi-nail nail care set

7. Free subscription to Muscle and Fitness-working again

8. Free 10×13 at Sears Portrait Studio

9. Free 2009 Christmas Seals

10. Free Dime magazine subscription

11. Free software giveaway of the day – Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller 2.1

12. Free My little cook book Vr. 3.0
-You can download it for free or have them send you a free cd of it
-If you have it mailed, make sure to select it from the software choice

13. Free boo weekly-branded sharpie marker or uni-ball 207 pen
-It’s for the first 300 people that enter their sweepstakes each day.

14. Free “101 Ways to save money on Homeschooling” ebook

15. Free resourse guide “internet safety: what you don’t know can hurt your child”

16. TOMORROW – Ben and Jerrys free cone day
Tuesday 4/21/09 12-8pm

17. TOMORROW – Petsmart pet birthday party
4/21/09 6-8pm
Free goodie bag and digital photo frame (while supplies last)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday 4/19/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. Free gift from flutterbeads jewelry
-make sure you fill in every answer

2. Free Cina-Sopapilla Bites at Taco Johns -locator

3. Free Recipes for a Healthier Life diabetes-friendly cookbook
-new link

4. 5,000 Free Pogo tokens

5. Free NanoGreens10, NanoProPRP, and NanOmega3 supplements
-email them with your information to request a sample

6. Free reusable bag at Wegmans on April 25
-it’s on page 2 of their ad -on April 25 from 11am-3pm bring a tightly filled bag of plastic bags and we’ll give you one of our reusable bags

7. Free Petite Cuisine Cat food
-Send a picture of your lady cats next to a can of Petite Cuisine to my agent Austin at and you can receive a Jake’s date kit which will include two free cans of Petite Cuisine along with other date goodies

8. Free subscription to Chain Reaction magazine
-it gives an error page but I believe it’s still going through
-it’s a magazine about science

9. Free Petite Cuisine cat food

10. Free Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company metal water bottle
-you have to say yes to being a smoker
-first 25k

11. Free ticket to the International Gem & Jewelry show -it says to print the coupon, but it’s kind of small. They have an email on So you might be able to request a bigger copy of it. Here is a schedule of the shows coming up

12. Free sample of AVEENO NOURISH+ Hair Care Collection

13. Free appetizer(up to $9) at Olive Garden -mail in
-it’s for people who made a purchase using a debit or credit card between December 4, 2006 and August 10, 2007 at Olive garden.
-here is the page of the PDF that you need to mail in

14. Free Astroglide X personal lubricant sample
-new kind

15. Free poster from general tire
-four different ones to choose from

16. Free Sample Super Duper Diaper Doo Diaper Rash Ointment( scroll down to the 3rd box) You can select 2 samples

17. Free cd-rom The teen years: a road map for parents

18. Free piece of Kentucky grilled chicken at Kfc on April 27

19. Free software giveaway of the day – cleanse uninstaller pro 5

20. Free computer game of the day – turtle odyssey 2

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday 4/17/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. Free Neoperl Faucet Aerator Insert at Home Depot
-select #4 in the middle of the page
-it makes it seem like it started already, but you might want to call your store first.

2. Free stuff from Mana Energy Potion
-It will likely be some stickers, tattoos, a coupon or whatever we have around the office

3. Free SnoreStop spray or tabs-working again

4. Free Calphalon Santoku knife paste the link-click online submission under the knife -you have to add $500 in calphalon items to a registry. You can make the registry on a site like amazon,, etc. This is the same knife from the old registries, but you can do it all online now.Click here to make a registry on amazon. To get your registry number, just take the number at the end of the URL they give you.

5. More registry freebies
-you want to do the ones under “Gifts With Registry”. The spoon rest and servall will be automatically sent when you add the specified items to your registry.

6. Free bowling for up to 10 people at AMF
-They will also send coupons randomly, and on your birthday

7. Free Armor All Starter Kit
-new link
-refresh the banner til the armor all one comes up, it will let you fill out the form in that banner. It took me a couple minutes for it to show up in IE, but it might take longer
- there are two different ads. One will tell you it’s under maintenance, the one you want has the actual form in the banner ad itself

8. Free paper samples

9. Free software giveaway of the day – wondershare video converter platinum

10. Free downloadable mother goose coloring book

11. A ton of education stuff on Paul Revere
-ebooks, audio, etc…

12. Free bottle of Butter London non-toxic nail polish on April 22
The first 500 people to log onto the butter London website on Earth Day, April 22nd, will win a bottle of 3 Free butter London lacquer ($14 value) to replace the toxic polish in your arsenal.

13. Free EZ cards creator software
-click accept for the first part and decline for the rest

14. Free “Economic meltdown survival guide” ebook
-You can read it online or download it to your computer

15. Sprink cleaning 101: a room by room guide ebook
-free download or read online

16. Free prayer cloths

17. Free 100 free things to do with your grandkids ebook
-sign up for their free newsletter
-You don’t actually have to be a grandparent for this. It has some great ideas too, like pin hole cameras and shoe box doll houses

18. Free color guides form certapro painters

19. Free Terra golf tee samples
-AL, AK, and AZ only

20. 1 Free swagbucks code
Enter code: Manchuria

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday 4/16/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. 6 Free issues of Esquire

2. Free $10 OfficeMax Gift card
-business/school name required

3. Free interactive Potty Training Success DVD
-new link

4. Free 1-2-3 Preschool Projects Sample Pack

5. Free Energy Efficiency Kit for Vectren customers
-includes:Faucet aerators (2) Kitchen swivel aerator (1) and Low Flow Showerhead (1)

6. Free one-week supply of Pro Omega-3 Fish Oil and DVD

7. Free sony dvd/cd-r set
-go to the third one down and click the link
-business name required

8. Free Marie Callender’s pasta dish –coupon
-it’s for “all you reality checkers”.
If you’re not a member you can sign up here

9. Free software giveaway of the day – FLV Editor Ultimate

10. Free breakfast at Ikea friday through Sunday
-not valid in charlotte, hicksville, houston, and pittsburgh

11. Free Two Year Subscription to Parents Magazine

12. Free samples for reviewing nutrition products
-you have to post 3-5 reviews to get each sample

13. 1 Free swagbucks code
Enter code: virtual

14. Free BCAA stack Grape Sample

15. Free account online account from McGruff SafeGuard
McGruff SafeGuard is a simple, FREE service designed to help parents manage their kids' increasingly dangerous online activity. The service intelligently monitors ALL internet activity for potential danger.

16. Free bible and other religious literature
-There are three different things you can order, you can order all of them, but you have to hit the “order now” button for each one and fill in your info

17. Free Dove and Globe lapel pin
-Make sure that the circle that says “send me a free… pin” is checked

18. Free Gillette Fusion Razor -500 available per day until may 16. They are all gone today, it should reset at noon est

19. Free Jupiter Rising – The Quiet Hype mp3 download

20. Free PETA kids circus pack

21. Free teen driver handbook

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday 4/15/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. Another Free prilosec OTC sample

2. Free 3×6″ Mark Stewart art print
-If you would like to experience the quality of these fine art prints please contact us (include a mailing address) and we will send you a free 3″x6″ sample of a Mark Stewart limited edition giclee print.

3. Free easter bible

4. Free Skin MD Natural samples -for bloggers

5. Free subscription to Yachting

6. Free Reusable Tote Bag -for teachers
-click ‘yes I’ll share my feedback’

7. Free sample of Murad Active Radiance Serum
-copy paste the link
-new link, might require that you use a different email if you’ve done a murad one before

8. Free Personal health Manager CD

9. Free songs from Amazon
-I’ve posted this before, but they have added more songs to it since then

10. Free Quitassist Guide for those trying to quit smoking
-click “download the guide” at the bottom right hand side

11. Free “The Cross and the Switchblade” book

12. Free E.A. Evans postcard

13. Free “the House You live in” ebook

14. Software giveaway of the day – trendingbot lite

15. Free all you events at walmart this weekend
-Scroll down for info

16. Free digital issue of Yoga journal

17. Free digital issue of Vegetarian times

18. Free Natural Lamb condom sample
-adult freebie
(I as thinking of you AmberLeigh, lol)

19. Free religious booklets from unity
-you can download them or have them mailed to you
-I posted this before, but they added a new one “Earth Blessings: Prayers for our Planet”

20. Free Holland House cooking wines recipe booklet

21. Tons more free ebooks
-This is the link to the book catalog. There are many. from here you can search for free books by auther or title

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday 4/14/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. Free Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner shower caddy

2. Free sample of Nature Made TripleFlex Liquid Softgels

3. Free Tuff Hanging Folder Sample

4. Free gift at the Disney Store on April 22
-bring in 3 plastic bottles on April 22 and get a free gift
-it’s supposedly a free water bottle

5. Free Armor All Starter Kit
-click then banner, then register
-it’s under maintenance right now, hopefully it’s back soon

6. Free Kiehls Samples -call in
-call Monday through Thursday 9am - 6pm EST, Friday 9am - 4pm EST at 1-800-543-4572
-It was mentioned on the Mike and Juliet show

7. Free Carb Intercept Sprinkles to Go sample

8. Free Book every month -for children until they are 5
-Enroll your child in the Imagination Library and they’ll receive a free book every month until their fifth birthday.
-It’s only available in certain areas, it will tell you when you register if you can get it or not
(It’s not available in my area yet, but I’m hoping it is like the safelink phones, within a few months of me getting the link it was available so I’m crossing my fingers for my area. Check it out though, your area might be available now! Amber T)

9. Free software giveaway of the day – atrise lutcurve 1.3.1

10. Free Vlasic product
-choose coupon request in the subject box

11. Free Carvel Iceburg on 4/30
-Thurs 4/30 3-7pm

12. Free skin type tester kit

13. Free cd of “here and Hereafter”

14. Free booklet “Why God Permits Evil”

15. Free garage floor samples

16. Free Hawaii Travel Club membership

17. Free publications from minwax
-You can download them or have them mailed to you
-Kitchen ideas, storage ideas, guide to hardwood, etc…

18. Free book “Partners in Grace”

19. Free sample from Trojan
-New link, a few different ones to choose from

20. Free Diabetic cookbook

21. Free “Birdwatching for Beginners” ebook

22. Free “Hand Sewing Lessons” ebook

23. Free sample of better than ears dog treat


1. Free taco at Taco Del
-here is the coupon

2. Free bites at Cinnabon from 5-8PM
-For the mall based stores

3. free ice cream cone at MaggieMoo’s all day

4. free HydroMassages

5. Chick-fil-AVisit a participating restaurant April 15 and hang onto your receipt. The “Tax Relief Day Special” lets you return before April 30 to receive the same order for free.

6. JacuzziThe Tax Relief Sale offers savings of up to $2,000 on select models purchased on or before April 15.

7. Kimpton HotelsThrough April 30, ask for the Sweet Tax Relief Package and the hotel will pay the tax on your room. (At the Sky Hotel is Aspen that saves you the 10% that would have been tacked onto the $187-per-night deluxe room.) Dine at a property's restaurant, and they’ll pay the sales tax there, too.

8. McCormick & Schmick’s On April 15, the chain offers a $10.40 menu of entrees. (Entrees regularly range from $16 to $33.) Each diner also receives a $10.40 “tax relief” gift certificate for a future meal.

9. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Dine at one of P.F. Chang's 130-plus restaurant locations across the country on April 15, and save 15% on the total bill.

10. T.G.I. Friday’s On April 15, diners receive a $5 gift card when they spend $15 to $25. They earn a $10 card for a purchase of more than $25.

11. Save 10.4% (it's advertised as 10.40%) on all orders at this T-shirt and apparel web site using code TAXDAYZAZZLE at checkout. Offer only good on April 15.

12. Buy a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Big Mac and receive the second sandwich for a penny.

13. Walgreens is offering 15 percent off on all online orders until April 20th. Enter coupon code TAXED at checkout.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday 4/13/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. Free Inside the Mysteries Of The Bible book

2. Free Lemonade Days kit
-it’s for raising money for Childhood Cancer

3. Free Earthbound Farm reusable shopping tote -working again
-click take the pledge, click one of the suns, then click add, then click submit my pledge.
-it’s for the first 10,000 every monday all month

4. Free DVD and pedometer from Tylenol
-it will say that registration is unavailable after you register, but you should still get a confirmation email in a few minutes

5. Fitness bag with samples and CVS giftcard starts tomorrow
text CVS to 467467 on your cell phone -first 1000-starts on 4/14, so it should start at midnight. It doesn’t state the time in the ad in fitness magazine though

6. Free Fender “The Soul of Tone” Shirt -call in
-Call 1-866-926-1931 and mention code: Tone
-choose customer service for the phone option

7. Free Corel Paint Shop Pro X download

8. Free Subscription to Old House Journal Magazine

9. Free “Heloise: Looking for ways to stretch your budget?” booklet

10. Free first aid kit

11. Software giveaway of the day – history killer pro 4.1.1

12. Another bunch of free ebooks for you
-click on the title you want then pick the type of download and download.

13. Another Free sample of UnderJams Night Wear

14. 50 more free ebooks
-These are all about making money type books, Like “Internet Wealth Secrets exposed!”
-Scroll down and you’ll see the ebook directory with all the books, just pick and choose what you want. All of them if you choose.

15. Free tanning bumper sticker

16. Free sample card from think ink calligraphy

17. Free roll of Reynolds wrap – rebate
-ok, I don’t usually post rebates, but this is a good one in my opinion
-the form is rebate form is available for download on earth day 4/22
-Sign up for an email reminder and see all info at the web site

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday 4/12/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. 6 Free wings and buffalo chips at Buffalo Wild Wings -wings -chips -locator

2. Free goodie bag and digital photo w/ frame at PetSmart on April 21
-April 21, 2009 from 6-8 p.m

3. 10 Free wings at Hooters -Socal, OR, and WA only
-sign up and print the email that they send you. Here is a PDF of that email.

4. Free fragrance vial of Madagascar Orchid or Japanese Agarwood

5. 1 Free swagbucks code
Enter code: GoodFriday

6. Free FastGoldBuyers gold kit

7. Free StaticTek Floor Striping samples

8. Free Dessert at Coco’s Resaurant -in CA, AZ, CO, and NV

9. Free Subscription to BusinessWeek Magazine

10. Free SLAP Energy Drink -AR, MO, NC, NY, OK only only, MO, NC, NY, OK

11. Free entree at Hooters -Socal, OR, and WA only
-sign up and put your birthday as today. You should get an email with the coupon within a couple days. Here is the PDF of the coupon

12. Free day membership to Cooks Illustrated online -normally costs $35/year

13. Free Sample of Lip Clear Lysine
Call 1-800-448-1448 and request a sample. If you call when they’re not open wait until the message ends and leave your information and mention that you saw it in the April edition of Redbook magazine on page 173

14. Free $35 Gilt Groupe GC is $10, so $15 and under items will be free. The credit shows up on the second to last checkout screen. They do require a CC. -after you sign up go here: and you should see an offer on the final checkout screen to get another $10 off.
-I just did this one myself, got a real nice $20 travel bath kit for free. You have to give cc info at checkout, but at next screen (before you actually submit order) it shows your total as $0 Amber T

15. Free Royal Flan Mix sample
-business name required

16. Free Timberwolf Organics Pet Food sample

17. Free book and info packet on Mesothelioma
-right side of the page

18. Free The Beast: Who Will Worship It? book –religious

19. Free Personalized MPHusky Racing Poster
-company name required

20. Free 60 day BJ’s Wholesale Club pass,008.shtml

21. Free tote from seventeen
Text message: decree to 467467 on your cell phone. Then reply with code: 6627411

22. Free bottle of Nakano Rice vinegar and recipe booklet -NY/ New england only
-it mentions NY/ New england only on their main page

23. Free Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Dairy or Soy pediatric formula sample
-call (614) 898-9758 and select option #2 -it’s automated

24. Free gardening and arthritis booklet$action=Search&text=835.5462AI

25. Free bible study bumper sticker

26. Free Fleischmann’s recipe book

27. Free Pedometer 4/13/09 Family Circle 2009 Walking ChallengeTake the ChallengeThe first 1,000 registrants will receive a free pedometerCheck back on the 13th to sign up and win prizes!

28. Free usb flash drive

29. Free sample of Kyo-Dophilus
Call 1-800-421-2998 and press 3 -it was in an Ad in the April 2009 issue of Nature’s Place magazine -it’s a probiotic for digestive health

30. Free Rib Revelations recipe booklet/brochure

31. Free Book “Questions and Answers about knee problems”

32. Free Fire safety stuff for children
-Some is printable, some is shipped to you
-There are games, coloring books, pamphlets, booklets, posters, videos, etc…

33. Free CFL bulb at Home Depot on April 19

34. Free $3 check or Mrs. Budd’s Shepherd’s Pie –coupon -link is at the bottom-direct link-for expiration date put Oct. 30th 2009, that you paid $6.99 and bought it at Shaws

35. 1 Free swagbucks code
Enter code: BASKET

36. Giveaway of the day – Desktop Icon Toy 3.3

37. Game giveaway of the day – the rise of atlantis

38. Free samples from green hides leather
-company name required

39. Free Bike Helmets
-April 18th
-Certain areas in Maine only

40. Free downloadable copy of “The Art of NutraSweet Recipe book”

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday 4/10/09

Our Freebie Links Yahoo Group

Don’t forget to vote for us!!


1. Free Sample of IdeaPaint Dry Erase Surface Paint

2. Free Mighty Dog Nation Citizenship Kit
-includes: Mighty Dog Nation Dog Tag, Founding Documents, Citizenship Papers,and Top Secret documents for citizens only

3. Free Ground Pork: Simply Delicious recipe Brochure

4. Free Huggies Pure & Natural sample
-they have newborn, size 1 and size 2

5. Free precious places “The Princesses Save the Ball” DVD

6. Free “How to Get Started in Boating” DVD

7. Free dvd Copy of PBS’ “To the Contrary”

8. Free Marlboro Snus -coupons -AZ, IN, TX only
-click register without a promo code
only available in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Indianapolis and Arizona areas

9. Free Pet Emergency Book and Magnet
-probably WI only

10. Free Subscription to Maxim Magazine
-new link

11. Software giveaway of the day – Reezaa MP3 converter

12. Free admission to seaworld, busch gardens, or sesame place parks for members of the military
-and as many as three of their dependents

13. Free angels for hope
-you can request a crocheted angel, butterfly, or smiley face
-These are meant to bring signs up hope to someone, you can request it for yourself, or for someone else
-This is a freebie, but please do not take advantage of it. I am only posting it for those that can really use some hope right now.
Thank you, Amber T