Saturday, February 28, 2009


1. How long does it take to get the free stuff? - OR - How come my freebie hasn't arrived yet?
Well, that depends: I've gotten stuff as fast as a few days, as long as six months. It really depends on the company sending it. For the most part, stuff usually seems to arrive within 3 - 4 weeks. Look on the website giving stuff away for their shipping policy. Some will even allow us to track the shipments from their member pages. If you order something and it never arrives don't feel too bad - I've ordered a lot of free samples and then gotten nothing. Sometimes I get an e-mail that tells me that they ran out. It happens, nothing to do about it.

2. I've seen sites that want a SASE - what is that?
Self - Addressed, Stamped Envelope. You may also see "LSASE" - which is a Large SASE. Just take an envelope and address it to yourself, put the required postage on it and put it into a bigger envelope. Send the whole thing to the address from the website and they use the SASE to send your free stuff back. You may sometimes be asked to send a "Padded LSASE". Get them from a department store or the post office.

3. I saw a freebie I wanted but when I tried to get it, they were all gone.
Companies that give away free samples usually have a limited supply, given away on a first come, first serve basis, so you have to be quick to get them. I may list a freebie in the newsletter in the morning and it might be gone before i finish writing it. It really depends on how popular it is.

4. Can I get 50 or 100 items for (church/school/club/etc.)?
From most places, no. But - there are some places (mostly religious-related sites or huge, high-volume retailers) that will gladly send you a box of whatever they are giving away - if you email them and ask politely and explain why you want more than one.

If you have a question not answered here, feel free to ask it!

Saturday 2/28/09

1. Free Teen Sweat 101 book
-Just e-mail us at, include your complete mailing address and type “Teen Sweat 101″ in the subject of your message.

2. Free John Heffron Comedy CD download
-click the image in the middle of the page

3. Free graduates soundtrack download
-click buy now on both discs and enter coupon code: spirit

4. Free $25 staples gc – schools
-you have to sign up your school, and they’ll contact your school and if they sign up for the ‘09–’10 school year, you’ll both get a gift card

5. Progressive International Product testing
-They make kitchen products

6. Free Bleacher Brothers shirt and sports tickets
-the tickets are given out randomly
-click subscribe on the top right

7. Free Bop88 body oil samples
-There is no confirmation screen, but it does go through

8. Free subscription to boating magazine

9. Free sensodyne free sample

10. More female samples
-tampons, pads, and pantiliters

11. Giveaway of the day – Youtube Music Downloader 2.3.7

12. Free game giveaway of the day – Xou Dou Qi

13. Free sample issue of huskers illustrated

14. Free pedometer and DVD from Tylenol
-Join their free “keep moving” program

15. Free mouspad

16. Free “Love Story” by Taylor Swift download

17. Free Martha Reeves & the Vandellas song download

18. Free Fraud Protection for Seniors package

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday 2/27/09

1. Free digital magazine subscriptions
-Motor Boating

2. Free Scenic Highways and Byways book

3. Free lap-band system info kit

4. Free boxtops4education collection bin

5. Free Physical Activities workbook from AARP

6. Free essential cotton panty at Express
-Valid Feb. 27 through March 1st at Express intimates stores

7. Free 2 year subscription to Parents Magazine
-new links
-If you have received free issues of parents magazine in the past 18 months you are not eligible

8. Free customized Disney park maps

9. Free stress ball

10. Free sample of Night and day cream and green tea face masque
-New link
-Mail in
-Just check the free sample box and mail it in with your info

11. Free samples of Natrol products

12. Give away of the day – Quicksys RegCleaner 2009

13. Free Gorilla Super Glue
-First 5k
-enter promo Code: JunkMarket0109

14. Free song download from Toby Lightman
-Color from the album artists against Hungar and poverty

15. Free Upromise Grocery bag
-Need Winn-Dixie reward card
-to enroll and enter code upbags09.
-Allow 4 weeks for mail delivery.
-While supplies last. Offer valid only for brand new Upromise members who enroll their Winn-Dixie Customer Reward Card.
-Offer valid Feb. 25 - Mar. 10

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday 2/26/09

1. Free sample of Kotex

2. Free Green Tea Face Masque and Night and Day cream sample
- please send us your name and shipping address by clicking on the link here

3. Free splenda no calorie sweetner flavors for coffee mocha
-New flavor

4. Free peta “Stop the Seal Slaughter” action pack

5. Free subscription to Maxim

6. One Free swagbuck code
-Enter code: BirthdayBuck

7. $10 off at
-Working again
Link -You should see the $10 credit in your account if you add something to your cart and checkout. It will be on there before you get to the CC section.
-make sure you save the customer number info they give you, they won’t email it to you.

8. Free Caldrea household product sample
-Select orders, coupons, promotions in the drop down and request a sample in the form

9. Free sample of Parents Choice powdered baby formula
-New link

10. 3M Thinsulate Insulation Scotchlite Online Consumer Research Program
-you could receive free products just for joining the team

11. Giveaway of the day – Magical File Shield 1.0

12. Free vision assessment for your child
-Select areas
-Limited time only

13. Free Stickers from Brass Monkeys

14. Free copy of “Beautiful Outdoor Spaces”

15. Free Presidential Prayer Team Blue and Gold static cling

16. Free stickers from Jays boardshop

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday 2/25/09

1. Free gold sellers kit
-new link

2. Four free issues of Esquire magazine

3. Free smugmug dSLR Camera Strap and Stickers
-you have to be a SmugMug customer, a member of a photography forum, or a listener of Digital Photography Life

4. Free National Wildlife Federation Travel Pillow

5. Free Nelsons Purifying Daily Facial Wash Sample

6. Free GFI MailEssentials T-shirt
-They send you a link to a form to get the shirt

7. Free Kids-EEZE chest Relief sample
-For physicians

8. Free kids meal and drink at Bob Evans
-register and they’ll send you an email with a link to the print coupon

9. Free Pork Recipe Brochures
-The just added a new one “Healthy Helpings”

10. One Free swagbuck code
-Enter code- 2morrow

11. Four more free issues of Esquire magazine

12. Free Aeropostale tank in store next month
-Starting March 3, 2009, bring a copy of the April 2009 issue of Seventeen and show the page with the featured Aéropostale tank, or a printout of the homepage, to a participating Aéropostale store to receive 1 (one) tank top from Aéropostale

13. Free sample of Prilosec OTC

14. Free coffee Sample

15. Free Chocolate samples from Xocai

16. Another free ring sizer for you guys
-Scroll down the page to the form

17. Free box samples
-Company name

18. Free sample of bees wax salve
-Email request to:

19. Free geotourism guide

20. Free world prayer maps

21. Free Best kept secrets of Peer code review

22. Free color design guide from du pont

23. Free spaghetti dinner from save-a-lot on 2/28
-OR/WA only
-link to the voucher
-take it into a participating Save-A-Lot store on February 28th between 8 am and noon

24. Free Sephora by OPI nail polish

25. Free Arbonne FC5 Hydrating Eye Crème Sample
-sign her guestbook to get it

26. Free Jonas Brothers song and video download
-Bottom right
-Enter code: 21000 02373

27. Free Crest whitestrips advanced seal sample
Text message: CREST to 467467 on your cell phone -standard rates apply

28. One free swagbuck code
Enter code: HappySwagDay
-First 10,000

29. Free subscription to Car and Driver

30. Free Carabiner Key Ring or bogo Marlboro coupon
-enter code: MAR8133 it might not give it to certain users
-you can also try this code: MAR6222

31. Free subscription to Elle magazine

32. Giveaway of the day – YouTubeGet 4.9.7

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday 2/23/09

1. Free “I love Israel” keychain

2. Free sample of Qwik Time water washable air filter oil

3. Free 72 page retirement for dummies book

4. Free Liz is magazine

5. Free tape measure

6. Free Jib Switch t-shirt
-Become an active beta tester for free shirt
-You have to qualify

7. Free samples from Eucerin

8. Two free coffe samples

9. Free cutting knife

10. Free bottle opener

11. Another free tape measure

12. Free bookmarks

13. Free anatomy of an entrepreneur poster

14. Free one world, one flag stickers

15. Free sample of Exuviance vespera bionic serum
-Enter code: VES309

16. Free setting priorities booklet

17. Three free bottles of Vitazest Vitamin & Fruit encirched
-CC is not required

18. Free reusable sports bottle
-You have to put in 5 emails

19. Free softsheen carson hair care samples

20. Free 2 year subscription to parents magazine

21. Juicy Juice Bunch Community
-can receive promotional items, samples, and coupons to share with other parents in their community

22. Free subscription to Woman’s Day magazine

23. Free small sub at Quizno’s
-it’s a print coupon that will expire 5 days after you sign up

24. Thirty Free calling minutes to India
-register and enter gift code: g-call-ind

25. Giveaway of the day – Audio Editor

26. Free Cell phone and air time
-From safelink wireless
-Government program you have to qualify for
-I posted this before, but the area I live in just joined up with them

27. Free Pancakes at IHOP
-Tuesday 2/24
-7am till 10pm

28. Two free tacos at Jack in the box on Feb. 24th
-You have to print the coupon

29. Free dvd of America’s best car commercials
-Bottom right of the screen, click where it says “Click for DVD” then send them the email with your name and shipping info

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday 2/22/09

1. Free Kashi Frozen Entrée

2. Free Milk Bone Dog Treats
-Coupon in magazine
on page 15 of the March 2nd, 2009 issue of People magazinealso in the February 20th issue of Entertainment Weekly on pg. 10.

3. Free scent sample
-Go to her website and enter the drawing for a free candle (click on candle top left)
-She will send you a scent sample just for entering the contest

4. Give away of the day – The video diary

5. Game giveaway of the day – Surakarta

6. Free call to Elmo
-He’ll sing a song for your kids about teeth brushing
(I called this for my son, he loved it!, there is a short info thing at the beginning, then they put Elmo on)

7. Free car care guide
-You can download it or scroll down to the order form for a free print version

8. Free beer mug

9. Free USB drive

10. Free promotional fridge magnet

11. Free security fridge magnet
-Send them an email with your shipping info requesting the free magnet

12. Free info kit with samples on organizing our closets

13. Free JOI magnet-poetry fridge frame
-Make sure you check yes that you want one

14. Free cool kinderstart refrigerator magnet

15. Free ADT Pet Alert Window Cling

16. Free publications in print, CD and DVD

17. Free membership to the sports chronicles
-You also get a free gift of the football schedule and odds

18. Free subscription to the sportsman magazine

19. Free one year subscription to Motorcyclist

20. Free scald prevention kit

21. Free Hat size tool

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday's Freebies 2/21/09

1. Free item at Bostons pizza
-They should email the coupon in a few days

2. American Eagle Research Panel
-click register.
-opportunity to win great prizes, unique deals on merchandise and special discounts.
-After completing this survey you will receive a $10 online Gift card

3. Free Nicholas club membership pack
-Click “How to join my club”
-It’s a kids book

4. Free subscription to W Magazine

5. Free Jackson 5 – I want you back Mp3

6. Kenmore stamp collectors catalog
-Includes Philatelic facts, sampler of stamps and a $5gc

7. Free usb desk lamp

8. Free sample from Tena
-new link

9. Free 8x10 photo of iRevModels

10. Free bee pollen sample

11. Free sample crownies
-Sugar free chocolate

12. Free sample of sugar free c-splash
-scroll down the page to the form

13. Free salad dressing samples

14. Free sample from brookline herbs
-Click on the free sample box
-Enter email
-The will email you a request for your shipping info

15. Free sample of fizzy bath tablets from fizzy wizzies
-Just close window after submitting form

16. Free sample from theracran

17. Free samples from Na’Scent
-This is for people that have some form of ostomy

18. Free vitamin samples

19. Free sample of Flexitol
-Scroll down page to form

20. Free sample of healthy wholesome Dakota flax gold
-Call in

21. Free weight loss sample from my success
-Scroll down page to form

22. Free sample of cookies
-Scroll down page to picture of cookies, click on it and email them your name and address

23. Free condom from Horny Goat brewing
-Adult sample
-First click yes you are over 22, then click “where to get horny”, finally on the bottom right of the screen you see “free condoms’ click this and fill out your info

24. Free land in Kansas
-seriously, free land. They want people to move there
-you have to meet requirements

25. Giveaway of the day – PlayClaw

26. Game giveaway of the day – Lost Colony

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Freebies 2/20/09

1. Four free issues of Esquire magazine

2. Three free faucet aerators and a low-flow showerhead
-Socal only
-Available to Southern California Gas company customers only

3. Free $1 on paypal
-You just have to sign up to download their album (free) and they will paypal you $1

4. Twenty free 4x6 prints at Walgreens
-enter coupon code: ONEDAY at checkout
-Today only!FycUowT/RRQFBgIAAAAGCgFICgg0..

5. Free sample of selsun blue

6. Bluetooth mouse product test
-You have to qualify to get it

7. Free $2 ebay coupon
-First 50k
-It’ll be given to you in about a week

8. Free Liz Lange limited edition health journal

9. Free Jianchi tote bag
-There is no confirmation page
-It’s only sold in GA, NC, SC, TN, and AL so it’s probably only valid there

10. Free Cajun crispy green bean fries at T.G.I. Friday’s on Feb. 24
-You have to sign up before Feb. 22nd

11. Free Cystic Fibrosis Foundation address labels

12. Free Indiana Pacers fan pack

13. Free World Watch China Dvd
-Make sure you check the last box on the page

14. Free sample of Ile de France Cheese
-For bloggers

15. Free subscription to BusinessWeek Magazine

16. Free subscription to Women’s Health Magazine

17. Free scrub top for nurses

18. Free bone health challenge kit

19. Free Copy of Vegetarian Eating

20. Free travel guides

21. Free Hot Fuel Sticker

22. Free Sticker from little Africa

23. Free air1 radio stickers

24. Free I doubt it sticker

25. Free bullet myths busted dvd

26. Free Meditation and transformation cd

27. Free sample of a karma reading

28. Free pet treats

29. Free basic rules of ping pong poster
-Scroll down

30. Free Happy feet biscuit for dogs free sample

31. Giveaway of the day – LeaderTask Company management 6.1

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday 2/19/2009

1. Free bumper sticker from Health Reformer

2. Free star motorcycles dvd

3. Free Get High bumper sticker
-Not what you are thinking, it’s about mountain climbing
-You register with them for free, and they will send you a free sticker

4. 25 Free bumperstickers from no more tests

5. Free Parenting kit
-CA only

6. Free bottle from MAM
-Offer only available in select U.S. cities

7. Free Get Organized tips ebooklet

8. Free tips for parenting in a commercial culture guide

9. Tons of free publications from minwax
-My favorite is “Easy Weekend Projects”

10. Free “2008 Wines from Spain far from Ordinary Wine Guide”

11. Free Brain Facts book

12. Free Peace Pilgrim Book

13. Free Mystery of the Ages book

14. Free 100 Questions & Answers about Crohn’s Disease

15. Free Holidays or Holy days: Does it Matter Which days we keep? booklet

16. Free Gita book
-Top left click “here” to order

17. Free Goji Book/Free Goji CD

18. Free God’s Great outdoors booklet or bookmark

19. Free fragrance samples from weird fragrance
-Seriously weird, choices are: Grease Monkey, The Love of Money, Pumpkin Spice, Cajun Delight, Burning Rubber, Fourth of July,
Ash tray, Magazine Pages, Fresh Bread, Hot cookies

20. Free Skin Analysis sample kit

21. Free sample of SUN Laboratories

22. Free downloadable ebook “Bad Breath Bible”

23. Free 2009 Nothing but hotties calendar
-Adult Freebie

24. Free Open heart Cross

25. Free fit together bracelet
-Certain areas only

26. Free Mark Copeland at Caesars Palace t-shirt
-Send them an email at:

27. Free dvd from heartfelt
-Features activities heart attack survivors can fit into their daily lives

28. Free Almased Synergy Died dvd
-Enter source code: LHJ0309

29. Two free issues of Family Circle magazine
-New link

30. Free tube of Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather
-Take the quiz (you can do the quiz every 3 months)

31. Free subscription to Soap Opera Digest

32. Free outdoor Channel New Year, New Gear pack
-It’s for dish and directTv subscribers

33. Free weekender sample kit from become beauty
-They will call you

34. Free blood glucose meter
-Make sure you check the last box under special member benefits

35. Free Patti Callahan Henry autographed bookplates and bookmarks

36. Free “A traveler’s guide to america’s diaryland”

37. Free sample from paul Mitchell
-Scroll down

38. Free sample of Degree men deodorant

39. Free baby blanket with stuffed animal

40. Free Thomas the train play date at toys r us
-sat. feb 21, 2009
-Enjoy storytime, coloring fun, Thomas trivia, and free giveaways

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday 2/18/09

1. Free sample of almond accents

2. Free sample of optimum care dandruff solutions haircare treatment

3. Free crypton care test kit

4. Complimentary vitamen sample
-This is for people who have had gastric bypass surgery

5. Free Los Angeles Jr. Dodgers fan club kit
-includes: Membership Card, First access to the all new Jr. Dodgers Training Days, newsletters, Special Offers from our Sponsors, Exclusive access to Jr. Dodgers Experiences

6. Free Fiber one bar sample
Text message: FIBER to 467467 on your cell phone-the response will be in spanish, but if you’ve done one of these shoptext posts before you’ll be all set

7. Free sample of TENA serenity ultimate pads

8. Free Feline Pine Accessory Kit
call 1-800-984-0918 -they give you a Wide Slot Scoop, Feline Pine Air Freshener, 2 Mail-In Rebate for 2 Free Bags, 1 Mail-In Rebate for All Pet Pine for 1 Free Bag, and Pet Brush
-if you call when they aren’t open it will tell you that you need to mail a UPC. If you get an operator some will just ask you where you bought it, and others will ask you to send something in.

9. Free Subscription to Successful Living Magazine

10. Free Art of Learning book
-School name required

11. Free Montana poster for kids
-Make sure you select the family packet

12. Free 1 night movieCube movie rental
-Right side of the page

13. Free sunflower seeds
-Seeds will be sent out in late march or early april

14. Free Betty Crocker mashed potatoes
-You have to send in a mashed potato recipe

15. Free blessing pillow
-To receive this offer without making a contribution today please call 1-714-971-4000 or write to: Crystal Cathedral Ministries, PO box 100, Garden Grove, CA 92842

16. Free Copy of Mountain Homes magazine

17. Giveaway of the day – Audio Converter 1.1

18. Free sample of Astroglide Glycerin and Paraben free
-Adult Freebie

19. Free My Country DVD
-One hour documentary on symphony conductor James DePreist

20. Free Scripture Greeting Card

21. Free MyPyramid Mini-Poster, Anatomy, and tips for families

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday 2/17/09

1. Free Goody Girls’ Barrettes
-First 1k

2. Free copy of the 7-Minute Difference book

3. Free 1 year membership to Weather Underground
-register, confirm your email, and on the payment screen enter coupon code: BAVV5
-no credit card neded

4. Free $2 Subway Gift Card
-CA only
-Link working again

5. Free 1 oz. pink energizing body lotion at Victoria’s Secret
-Print the email and bring it in the store$FFK1g05/doc.html

6. Free Sample of Starbucks via ready brew instant coffee

7. Free Forbes Investor’s Guide

8. Free L’Oreal everpure sulfate-free moisture shampoo sample

9. Two free cans of halo pet food
-”plus a printable $5.00 coupon just for signing up. That’s good for a couple FREE cans of Halo”
-Store Locator
-they also have a box to check if you want to do product testing with them

10. Free 10 night sample of night health bedtime balm at origins!FebOffers/img/OriginsOffer.jpg
-available at retail stores and select department stores

11. Free samples from doggy delightz
-Scroll down the page

12. Free “Battles with the Bottle” book

13. Free CD with a great collection of Kareena Kapoor

14. Free cd containing nine complete books that unlock the mysteries of the bible

15. 500 Free Pogo Tokens Per day
-For playing Poppit
-Thru 2/28

16. Free full size sample of lipgloss
-Sign up for free newsletter
-About halfway down the page

17. Free yogi tea samples

18. Free sample of new expressions by pantene

19. Free dvd AIDS: Evolution of an Epidemic

20. One Free Swagbuck
Enter code: 0909ZENDOO

21. Free Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Spray Mist

22. Giveaway of the day – File Defender 1.1

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday 2/16/09

1. Free $5 JCPenny reward certificate
-link is on the bottom left
-make sure you enter code 3008
-you don’t need to enter your credit card

2. Kids II Generation Mom Network
-Possible product testing×97x1×0.aspx
-you may also have the opportunity to test new Kids II products in your home

3. Free yards of celtic trim
-They send a confirmation email

4. Free California recipe brochure

5. Free $20 Vet Visit Voucher
-It’s a print coupon
-They’re only giving out 80 per hour

6. Free Redbox dvd movie rental
Enter code: M7DM23 at your redbox
-valid today only

7. Free unicef pampers baby bodysuit
-many of you already have these accounts, but they added a baby bodysuit for only 10 points which you can get with these points: THRIFTYMOMMYGTG, OHAMANDAAWGTG08, WELCOME2GTG0809, DONTFORGETGTG08, WELCOMEBONUS089, HAPPYHOLIDAY089, GIVE09UNICEFGTG
-after you register and add those points go here and redeem them

8. Free yogafit sampling program gift packs
-Facility name required

9. Free multiple streams of income 3 disc audio set

10. Free sample of Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal
-Login and you’ll get the option to get the sample

11. Free silver necklace if you lost your job or home
-Individuals can receive their necklace by bringing in proof of their job or home loss, such as a letter of foreclosure or termination, along with their identification

12. Free carefree party-liner sample
Text message: CAREFREE to 467467

13. Free sample of Viva Paper towels

14. Free sample of huggies baby wipes

15. Free Ozone test kit

16. Free safe and healthy kids pack

17. Free Chicago neighborhoods poster

18. Free travel information kits

19. Free $5 gift card to dillyeo

20. Giveaway of the day – Active Share Monitor 1.1

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday 2/15/09

1. Free Grabber Construction Firestop CD

2. Free 2009 Pillsbury recipe calendar
-link working again

3. Free redbox dvd movie rental
-Enter cod: SHPNSVE2 at your redbox
-I’m not sure when this one expires

4. Free trial pair of acuvue Contact Lenses

5. Free Charmin roll extender

6. Free sample of Rose Essentialle from Bvlgari

7. Giveaway of the day – Ringtone Maker

8. Game giveaway of the day – Ghost in the sheet

9. Free sample of magnalube-G metal lubricant

10. Free Jewish Literature (books and leaflets)

11. Free pocket guides and stickers from caring consumer

12. Free stickers from jays boardshop

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday's Freebies 2/14/09

We have a lot of free magazine subscriptions today, please remember to recycle your magazines. There are numerous ways you can do this. Cut your info tag off of them and donate them to hospitals, doctor’s offices, old age homes, etc…
I’ve also seen magazines offered a lot of freecycle.
And there are a lot of paper recycling plants that will take them as well.

1. Free subscription to Road & Track

2. Two free dish network ppv movies

3. Free sample of Outlast Lipstain
-text message: OUTLAST to 467467 on your cell phone

4. Free skiers edge demo dvd

5. Free Subscription to Elle Décor

6. Free Health Books
-They only have a few of each of them, they are also supposed to restock on Monday
-Email your request

7. Free OB sample & Cute carrying Case
-New offer

8. Free safety Sample Kit
-Company name

9. Free smoking stinks stickers for kids
-There’s a lot of other smoke free materials to order as well

10. Free copy of Your New Beginning with Jesus Christ Book

11. Free subscription to Sherman’s Travel Magazine

12. Free subscription to NGJ (no greater joy) Magazine

13. Free subscription to Successful living magazine

14. Free copy of Land & People magazine

15. Free subscription to Stroke Connection Magazine

16. Free Dog’s Life Magazine

17. Free subscription to Carolina Homes and Interiors Magazine

18. Free subscription to Sawing Solutions magazine

19. Free subscription to The Sportsman Magazine

20. Free subscription to Genre magazine

21. Free 3-month subscription to National Liberty Journal

22. Free subscription to the quarterly Cryonics magazine

23. Giveaway of the day – SysREsources Manager

24. Game Giveaway of the day – Ball 7

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's Freebies 2/13/2009

1. Free Sarah Jessica Parker lovely collection fragrance sample
-Click request a sample

2. Free Defense Soap sample
- email us at with your name and address

3. Free subscription to Pregnancy magazine
-subscribe, then go here and under “nature of request” select switch to print edition.

4. Free Subscription to Popular Photography magazine
-New link

5. Free subscription to celiac trend yourlife magazine
-Check the box at the bottom of the form

6. Free digital thermometer
-MN only

7. Free Freebie Junkie T-shirt
-Subscribe to their newsletter
-After you confirm you subscription, they’ll ask for your shipping info

8. Free Marvin Gaye “How Sweet it is” mp3 download

9. Free sample of Pet Steaktopia treats

10. Free Calls on Valentine’s Day form 411
-To get your free call, just dial 1-800-FREE-411 tomorrow and follow the prompts

11. Free subscription to American BabyMagazine

12. Four free samples of Malcolm’s Premium Hot Chocolate

13. Free sample of shampoo for men from Aveda

14. Free Philosophy unconditional love fragrance sample
-Register, share a love story, then it will give you the link to the form

15. Free complete idiot’s guide to wine

16. Giveaway of the day – Video to Flash converter

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday's Freebies


1. Free Uneven Lies: The Heroic Story of African-Americans in Golf book

2. Free sample of Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

3. Free $25 American Gem Society GC

4. National Corn Dog Day 2009
-if you don’t have an account register first then go there.
-In the past they used to send out party packs for free, but there is a $25 fee this year.
-So I’m not sure if they will be sending out any free stuff but never hurts to try.

5. Free Day Pass
-go to your profile, click on Give a Gift on the left, then click on the day pass.
Where it says coupon code enter: valentine2009 and click apply

6. Free Subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine
-Working again

7. Free candy hearts sweet lip shine

8. Free sample of SuperPump250, SizeOn or Cytolean
-To request a free sample of SuperPump250, SizeOn or Cytolean, email your full name and address along with the product you are requesting

9. Free box of Glucerna cereal
-Print coupon
-the retail price for a 9.5 oz box is $4.59, so you should be able to get it for free

10. Free slim xtreme (SX) sample pack

11. Free pantene sample
-Choose walmart and brand as your answers and it will give you the sample form

12. Free $10 iTunes GC
-You are entering a contest, but you get the gc just for entering

13. Free Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream Sample

14. Mom Central Simplify Your life living room party or brunch
-We’re looking for Moms in the greater metropolitan areas of New York City, Miami, or Chicago to host or attend a Simplify Your Life Living Room Party or Brunch. Hostesses for the Living Room Parties will receive a thank you stipend, and all refreshments and food will be provided.

15. HP Chic community
-for women
-If you are selected, you will: Have an opportunity to share your ideas directly with HP. Influence the development of new products and services. Network and share ideas with other influential women. Be eligible to earn rewards such as gift certificates for monthly participation.

16. Two free samples from Vaardvark

17. Free spice chart

18. Free copy of bible basics book
-new link

19. Free audio cassette “What’s killing you”

20. Free honeymoon vacation planner

21. Free book by Robert Allen

22. Free Seapak Smarter Seafood Recipes book
-Enter code: E1M2A3L

23. Free dayspring greeting card at Family Christian Stores
-Expires 2/14

24. Free slice of pie this weekend at Bob Evans$File/BEValentinesDayCoupon_LemonPie.pdf?open

25. Giveaway of the day – FTPGetter 3.11

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday's Freebies


1. Free 3 year subscription to Living the Country life

2. Free well water test kit

3. Free $25 gift card

4. 2 more free issues of Family Circle Magazine

5. Free Crosstex Medical product samples

6. Free Emergen-C sample
-New link

7. Free Exercise Band
-Might be WI only

8. Free sample of philosophy’s unconditional love fragrance
-click sign up for a free sample in the middle of the page, above where it says “shopping shortcuts”

9. Free 4 day sample of Y3

10. Free Eijah drop your gun by Mieka Pauley album download

11. Free butterfinger bar
-I don’t know if any of you are actually interested in doing this, here are the requirements:
-Shave their stencil into your hair and submit photo to get coupon for free candy bar

12. Free Subscription to American Trucker

13. Free Garfield Magnet

14. Free snap action heroes sample pack
-company name

15. Free brochures and samples form Rocky Mountain sheepskin company

16. Free I’ll forgive you if booklet

17. Free sample of Hyaluronic Acid personal care{0CF434E0-B65F-4902-A716-9B80F85DABED}&func=2

18. Free info and such on going veggie for teens

19. Free sample bottle of Lysol power toilet cleaner

20. Giveaway of the day – Backup4all lite 4

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday's Freebies


1. Free redbox movie rental at Walgreens tomorrow.
-enter code: WGREEN2 at your walgreens redbox tomorrow 2/11 only

2. Free 2009 V-Rod Muscle calendar

3. Free $2 Subway gift card
-It’s for California only
-It’s been working on and off, so if not working now, check back later

4. Free sample of Nicoderm CQ
-new link
-It’s non-medicated

5. Free Windows Vista, Digital Photography, or Blackberry 8300 curve quick source guide

6. Free sample of Mustela Stelaprotect for sensitive to intolerant skin for babies
-Short survey

7. Free welcome to Wilson comabat dvd

8. Free subscription to Plenty Magazine
-New link
-Click on the green monster that says “get free Plenty”

9. Free sample of Zhong Guo Cha Tea

10. Free sample of Green Zinger Super Nutrient powdered drink
-Call in 603-525-9912

11. Free 2009 Consumer Action Handbook

12. Free Clean & Clear Makeup Dissolving wipes
Text message: NOMKUP to 467467 on your cell phone
-Standard txt rates apply

13. Free 16 downloadable books from Harlequin

14. Free kindness cards

15. Giveaway of the day – ArtStudio 1.1.2

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday's Freebies


1. 2 Free issues of Family circle magazine

2. You can also get 2 free issues of family circle magazine here as well

3. Free home made simple coupon booklet
-new link
-I just received mine that I signed up for on the older link. Lots of coupons, and on is for a free thing of cascade for your dishwasher.

4. Free 7 day Bally Fitness pass

5. 2 links with Free subscription to Metropolitan home

6. Free Electron Microscope scan
-you send in this form with what you want to be analyzed and they will send you a PDF like this

7. Free HPV Take the test bracelets and lip balms or purse mirrors
-It’s for events to be attended primarily by women over 30 years of age

8. Free subscription to Harper’s Bazaar

9. 2 free 17x22 cessna plane prints

10. Free Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths
-They have run out now, but you can give them your email and they will notify you when they have more avalible

11. Free powerbuilt socket sample

12. Free sample of Stopain

13. Free book: Formation: Essays for Future Pastors

14. Free Marker samples
-Company name

15. Giveaway of the day – cover commander

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday's Freebies


1. Free Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation 10-day Trial and Mini Brush
-You have to make a purchase online to get it, but it’s free in store

2. Free Norwegian Gold First Omega sample pack

3. Free Disney Coupon organizer

4. Free $5 – survey
- you should see a window pop up on their site asking you to take the survey.
-It will give you the survey in another window after you browse around their site
-first 1000

5. Free pixustudio lens cap keeper

6. Free sample of Total Cranberry Crunch cereal

7. Free two day sample package of jGO

8. Free membership to huggies cleanteam
-For your toddler

9. Free “Valentine’s Day on a Dime” e-book

10. Coupons and Free stuff from Lamps plus
-They have coupons you have to print out and bring in to get the free stuff

11. Giveaway of the day – Winlog Assist 2.3

12. Game giveaway of the day – Grand Master Chess

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday's Freebies


1. Free food/health books
-they only have a few of each of them
-email your request in

2. Free medium sized curly fries next Tuesday at Jack in the box

3. Free 3-day sample of theracran

4. Free California Walnuts recipe brochures
-click recipes, then free materials on the bottom right

5. Cooking light table talk reader panel
-you can earn points doing their surveys and some other things, and they give you 100 for doing the sign up survey.
-500 points gets you a $5 amazon GC

6. Free set of 2 love note scrolls at cost plus world market
-top right of this weeks ad

7. Two free Philadelphia 76ers tickets for Feb 11th
-the game is at 7pm against the memphis grizzlies

8. Free $20 savings pass
-it should take about a day to get it (comes through email)

9. Give away of the day – 2 Flyer Screensaver Builder

10. Game giveaway of the day – Space Prince

11. Free wall cell phone holder

12. Free Quickey-Stickey Door hinge mask sample
Send them an email:

13. Free interactive potty training success DVD

14. Two Free Flordia Panthers Tickets
-Select dates left
-Must be a first timer

15. Free “Speaking in Tongues at Spirit Baptism” book

16. Free Valentines day heart pin – all day Monday 2/9
-From midnight Sunday night to Midnight Monday night, this offer will be free, with free shipping as well

17. Free game download
-Sign up for telltale games newsletter and get a free download of Sam and Max: Ice Station Santa or StrongBad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Dangeresque 3

18. Free sample from dove

19. Free perfume sample form Lacoste

20. Noxzema Shaving squad
-A lot of people who have signed up for this have received coupons for a free razor so worth a try right?