Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday 2/16/09

1. Free $5 JCPenny reward certificate
-link is on the bottom left
-make sure you enter code 3008
-you don’t need to enter your credit card

2. Kids II Generation Mom Network
-Possible product testing×97x1×0.aspx
-you may also have the opportunity to test new Kids II products in your home

3. Free yards of celtic trim
-They send a confirmation email

4. Free California recipe brochure

5. Free $20 Vet Visit Voucher
-It’s a print coupon
-They’re only giving out 80 per hour

6. Free Redbox dvd movie rental
Enter code: M7DM23 at your redbox
-valid today only

7. Free unicef pampers baby bodysuit
-many of you already have these accounts, but they added a baby bodysuit for only 10 points which you can get with these points: THRIFTYMOMMYGTG, OHAMANDAAWGTG08, WELCOME2GTG0809, DONTFORGETGTG08, WELCOMEBONUS089, HAPPYHOLIDAY089, GIVE09UNICEFGTG
-after you register and add those points go here and redeem them

8. Free yogafit sampling program gift packs
-Facility name required

9. Free multiple streams of income 3 disc audio set

10. Free sample of Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal
-Login and you’ll get the option to get the sample

11. Free silver necklace if you lost your job or home
-Individuals can receive their necklace by bringing in proof of their job or home loss, such as a letter of foreclosure or termination, along with their identification

12. Free carefree party-liner sample
Text message: CAREFREE to 467467

13. Free sample of Viva Paper towels

14. Free sample of huggies baby wipes

15. Free Ozone test kit

16. Free safe and healthy kids pack

17. Free Chicago neighborhoods poster

18. Free travel information kits

19. Free $5 gift card to dillyeo

20. Giveaway of the day – Active Share Monitor 1.1

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