Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday 2/23/09

1. Free “I love Israel” keychain

2. Free sample of Qwik Time water washable air filter oil

3. Free 72 page retirement for dummies book

4. Free Liz is magazine

5. Free tape measure

6. Free Jib Switch t-shirt
-Become an active beta tester for free shirt
-You have to qualify

7. Free samples from Eucerin

8. Two free coffe samples

9. Free cutting knife

10. Free bottle opener

11. Another free tape measure

12. Free bookmarks

13. Free anatomy of an entrepreneur poster

14. Free one world, one flag stickers

15. Free sample of Exuviance vespera bionic serum
-Enter code: VES309

16. Free setting priorities booklet

17. Three free bottles of Vitazest Vitamin & Fruit encirched
-CC is not required

18. Free reusable sports bottle
-You have to put in 5 emails

19. Free softsheen carson hair care samples

20. Free 2 year subscription to parents magazine

21. Juicy Juice Bunch Community
-can receive promotional items, samples, and coupons to share with other parents in their community

22. Free subscription to Woman’s Day magazine

23. Free small sub at Quizno’s
-it’s a print coupon that will expire 5 days after you sign up

24. Thirty Free calling minutes to India
-register and enter gift code: g-call-ind

25. Giveaway of the day – Audio Editor

26. Free Cell phone and air time
-From safelink wireless
-Government program you have to qualify for
-I posted this before, but the area I live in just joined up with them

27. Free Pancakes at IHOP
-Tuesday 2/24
-7am till 10pm

28. Two free tacos at Jack in the box on Feb. 24th
-You have to print the coupon

29. Free dvd of America’s best car commercials
-Bottom right of the screen, click where it says “Click for DVD” then send them the email with your name and shipping info

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