Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday 2/28/09

1. Free Teen Sweat 101 book
-Just e-mail us at, include your complete mailing address and type “Teen Sweat 101″ in the subject of your message.

2. Free John Heffron Comedy CD download
-click the image in the middle of the page

3. Free graduates soundtrack download
-click buy now on both discs and enter coupon code: spirit

4. Free $25 staples gc – schools
-you have to sign up your school, and they’ll contact your school and if they sign up for the ‘09–’10 school year, you’ll both get a gift card

5. Progressive International Product testing
-They make kitchen products

6. Free Bleacher Brothers shirt and sports tickets
-the tickets are given out randomly
-click subscribe on the top right

7. Free Bop88 body oil samples
-There is no confirmation screen, but it does go through

8. Free subscription to boating magazine

9. Free sensodyne free sample

10. More female samples
-tampons, pads, and pantiliters

11. Giveaway of the day – Youtube Music Downloader 2.3.7

12. Free game giveaway of the day – Xou Dou Qi

13. Free sample issue of huskers illustrated

14. Free pedometer and DVD from Tylenol
-Join their free “keep moving” program

15. Free mouspad

16. Free “Love Story” by Taylor Swift download

17. Free Martha Reeves & the Vandellas song download

18. Free Fraud Protection for Seniors package

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