Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday's Freebies 2/14/09

We have a lot of free magazine subscriptions today, please remember to recycle your magazines. There are numerous ways you can do this. Cut your info tag off of them and donate them to hospitals, doctor’s offices, old age homes, etc…
I’ve also seen magazines offered a lot of freecycle.
And there are a lot of paper recycling plants that will take them as well.

1. Free subscription to Road & Track

2. Two free dish network ppv movies

3. Free sample of Outlast Lipstain
-text message: OUTLAST to 467467 on your cell phone

4. Free skiers edge demo dvd

5. Free Subscription to Elle D├ęcor

6. Free Health Books
-They only have a few of each of them, they are also supposed to restock on Monday
-Email your request

7. Free OB sample & Cute carrying Case
-New offer

8. Free safety Sample Kit
-Company name

9. Free smoking stinks stickers for kids
-There’s a lot of other smoke free materials to order as well

10. Free copy of Your New Beginning with Jesus Christ Book

11. Free subscription to Sherman’s Travel Magazine

12. Free subscription to NGJ (no greater joy) Magazine

13. Free subscription to Successful living magazine

14. Free copy of Land & People magazine

15. Free subscription to Stroke Connection Magazine

16. Free Dog’s Life Magazine

17. Free subscription to Carolina Homes and Interiors Magazine

18. Free subscription to Sawing Solutions magazine

19. Free subscription to The Sportsman Magazine

20. Free subscription to Genre magazine

21. Free 3-month subscription to National Liberty Journal

22. Free subscription to the quarterly Cryonics magazine

23. Giveaway of the day – SysREsources Manager

24. Game Giveaway of the day – Ball 7

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