Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday 4/17/09

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1. Free Neoperl Faucet Aerator Insert at Home Depot
-select #4 in the middle of the page
-it makes it seem like it started already, but you might want to call your store first.

2. Free stuff from Mana Energy Potion
-It will likely be some stickers, tattoos, a coupon or whatever we have around the office

3. Free SnoreStop spray or tabs-working again

4. Free Calphalon Santoku knife paste the link-click online submission under the knife -you have to add $500 in calphalon items to a registry. You can make the registry on a site like amazon,, etc. This is the same knife from the old registries, but you can do it all online now.Click here to make a registry on amazon. To get your registry number, just take the number at the end of the URL they give you.

5. More registry freebies
-you want to do the ones under “Gifts With Registry”. The spoon rest and servall will be automatically sent when you add the specified items to your registry.

6. Free bowling for up to 10 people at AMF
-They will also send coupons randomly, and on your birthday

7. Free Armor All Starter Kit
-new link
-refresh the banner til the armor all one comes up, it will let you fill out the form in that banner. It took me a couple minutes for it to show up in IE, but it might take longer
- there are two different ads. One will tell you it’s under maintenance, the one you want has the actual form in the banner ad itself

8. Free paper samples

9. Free software giveaway of the day – wondershare video converter platinum

10. Free downloadable mother goose coloring book

11. A ton of education stuff on Paul Revere
-ebooks, audio, etc…

12. Free bottle of Butter London non-toxic nail polish on April 22
The first 500 people to log onto the butter London website on Earth Day, April 22nd, will win a bottle of 3 Free butter London lacquer ($14 value) to replace the toxic polish in your arsenal.

13. Free EZ cards creator software
-click accept for the first part and decline for the rest

14. Free “Economic meltdown survival guide” ebook
-You can read it online or download it to your computer

15. Sprink cleaning 101: a room by room guide ebook
-free download or read online

16. Free prayer cloths

17. Free 100 free things to do with your grandkids ebook
-sign up for their free newsletter
-You don’t actually have to be a grandparent for this. It has some great ideas too, like pin hole cameras and shoe box doll houses

18. Free color guides form certapro painters

19. Free Terra golf tee samples
-AL, AK, and AZ only

20. 1 Free swagbucks code
Enter code: Manchuria

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