Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday 10/11/09

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1. Free Efficient massage shower head for XCEL Energy Customers

2. Free nutrition53 samples

3. 5 Free Disney Movie reward points
-enter code: EN9FNF93N2

4. Free 16 page photo book
-this was posted before, but now you can get 1 free photo book per month

5. 25 Free songs from Urban Outfitters

6. 10 Free Pregnancy Tests or Ovulation Tests

7. Free 2010 Christmas Seals

8. Free Marine Parents Speak: Sons and Daughters DVD and Proud Parent Bumper Sticker and

9. Free Playtex Sport sample pack

10. Free TI-Nspire calculator GraphiTI Skins

11. Free PRVCY wristband

12. Free bottle of hand soap -MN/WI only

13. Free Texas Tech backpack
-they’re looking for prospective students

14. 5 Free Greeting Card samples
-company name required

15. Free Reclaiming Christmas: 26 Days to Spiritual Rebirth Booklet

16. Free portrait collage at Sears portrait studio

17. Free Dromeo Pain Relief Analgesic Lotion sample

18. Free Sample from Permanence Matters
-make sure you check the sample box

19. Free Pie Bag from Sharis Restaurant & Pies

20. Free trick or treat for unicef Halloween Party Kit

21. Free Feel Your Boobies breast cancer awareness sticker

22. Free photo session and 12 greeting cards at Glamour Shots

23. Free Rick Steves’ Tour Experience DVD

24. Free Affinity Color paint sample at Benjamin Moore

25. Free Subway Fitness for Kids kit -for teachers

26. Free Nutri-Dog Dog Chews sample

27. Free subscription to Four Wheeler magazine

28. Free 2010 Women’s Healthy Calendar

29. Free game of bowling at Brunswick

30. Free 11 song Christian Contemporary Music download
-iTunes required

31. Free Christmas New Orleans Style Planning Guide

32. Free Vegetarian Information Poster

33. Free Make Marijuana Legal sticker

34. Free Green Mountain Coffee’s Fair Trade Certified Organic House Blend Coffee sample
-first 100 each day
-they’re all gone for today.
-It goes live at Midnight eastern

35. 2 Free Milwaukee Summerfest 2010 Tickets

36. Free subscription to Town & Country – new link

37. Free 8×10 or 10×13 portrait at Picture people

38. Free 2010 Lily Seals

39. Free simplistick removable wall sticker sample

40. Free “Your Menstrual Cycle: How it Works, How to Manage it” guide

41. Free packet of information on Reproductive Health

42. Free Mr. Krueger’s Christmas Dvd

43. Free “Power For Living” book

44. Free music downloads from walmart

45. Free seed packet sample for weddings
-It’s an empty seed packet to show you how you can customize it.

46. Free bottle of Outback detergent from Subaru dealers

47. Free Bath test kit

48. Free “Stories of Christopher Columbus” ebook

49. Free 2 dvd set about Donating the gift of life

50. Send a free post card to the troops

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