Monday, October 19, 2009

10 Ways To Wrap Your Gift

10 Ways To Wrap Your Gift

When I receive a gift, I appreciate whatever anyone gives me. But, for some reason, the gift givers that seems to put a little more detail to their wrapping I remembered more then the gifts that are not wrapped and thrown in a gift bag. Here are 10 ideas you can do to have the gift you give be remembered...

1. Add an ornament or floral spray on top of the gift.
2. Use multiple colors of ribbon.
3. For children attach a small toy or pencil to the top of the gift.
4. Take party streamers and wrap the gift into a ball.
5. Wrap a gift with 2-3 layers of wrapping paper or wrap the gift and put it in a box then wrap that box and put it in another box, wrap that box, then put in another box and so on.
6. Instead of Wrapping paper, wrap your gift from the Comic section of the newspaper or a road map.
7. Wrap with colored duct tape.
8. Scanned some family photos, then glued them on plain brown paper.
9. Buy pretty cloth, cut it with shears, into squares, hem it and make a dishtowel then wrap the gift in it & tie with yarn.
10. Make or buy a pinata, fill it with a gift(s) instead of candy.

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