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1. Free blackjack taco at taco bell on Halloween from 6pm-midnight

2. 25,000 Free candle coins
– you receive 25,000 free coins for joining, which is a $5 value. You can spend on them on anything at candle bay. -you have to get $10 in candle coins now to spend them, which you can do by referring friends or buying things.

3. Free pack a kraft smile savings booklet & calendar
-seems to be allowing people to sign up again

4. Free subsciption to snowboard to Freeskier magazine - mail in
-Direct link to form:

5. Free 4Gb sd card or USB drive at Microcenter stores in california
-sign up for their rewards program in store

6. Free Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Body Wash Samples

7. Free sample of pampers extra protection diaper

8. Free 8x10" Portrait at Target Portrait studio

9. Free kashi tlc chewy trail mix granola bars;sz=728x90;click=,4251038475,757547%5E736415%5E1%5E0!757550%5E622479%5E1%5E0!758962%5E782543%5E1183%5E0,1_/xsxdata=$xsxdata/bnum=3178390/optn=64?trg=;ord=4251038475?
-you have to click on the banner to get it. This banner could go away at any time though

10. Free subscription to Islands

11. Free cooking with Stock, 6th Edition recipe booklet
-working again

12. Free food at Earth Fare Supermarket
-trade in Peanut Butter, Cereal, Salad Dressing, Soda, and Jelly for their products. It doesn’t need to be a full container to do the trade.
-they have locations in GA, NC, SC, and TN

13. Free engraved pet tag - in store CA only
-they’re only in the Sacramento area

14. Free piece of grilled chicken at KFC next monday 10/26

15. Free "Child of the Night" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra download

16. Free Holiday Music downloads
-Here are the UPCs (I'll add the Hollyberry one as soon as I get it)
Bayberry Spice 046500708633
Homemade Gingerbread 046500709715
Peppermint Crush 046500708466

17. Free Food to Live by: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook brochure

18. Free portrait sheet of Halloween wallets at picture people

19. Free Loreal Everpure sample{userdata//d+d//diagnosticmain:mylorealoffersmedia:_blanknavoverlay:_blank}
-same as their offer in march, but it’s the Color Care now

20. Free Low-Fat favorite Recipes book from crestor

21. Free Uberti guns dvd catalog
-includes action videos, interactive presentations, and printable PDF files of the Uberti catalog

22. Free $10 emergency essentials gift card - for bloggers
-you have to make a post on your blog about their food storage analyzer. Follow the instructions on that post.

23. Free Mattel toy at Sears on 10/31
-you have to bring your child dressed in their Halloween costume

24. Free kyolic garlic supplement sample
Call 1-800-421-2998 and mention the “How Kyolic Saved My Marriage” ad in the December 09 issue of Psychology Today.

25. Free Game Download from Big Fish Games
-if you “buy” 6 games from big fish this month they will allow you to download one of their other games. Go through these old posts and pick 6 games to download. They all need to be in October, so if you’ve done it before you’ll need to make a new account. The terms say coupons can be used, so this should be valid.

26. Free subscription to Businessweek
-new link

27. Free five wishes living will book
-bottom right

28. Free 2010 baylor wellness calendar
-might be Texas only

29. Free custom-branded T-shirt from Marlboro
-After you finish making your shirt and everthing. At the bottom right of the page, click on "support a cause" vote for one, and they may offer you a free gift. (they do to most people)

30. Free technoframes 2010 A-10 Warthog Calendar

31. Free snuggy blanket
-Probably won't come, but it never hurts to try

32. Free "Strange Stories: The Virginia Wife Market" ebook and free "Strange Stories: Young Washington's Perilous Journey" ebook

33. Free "A Day with Charles Dickens" ebook

34. Free "The Mary Frances Story book" ebook

35. Free slice of Pie at Sharis restaurant
-They're in CA, ID, NE, OR, WA, and WY

36. 6 Free CFL bulbs for Duke Energy Customers
-this doesn’t seem to work for every customer.
-Complete our Home Energy Survey before Dec. 31, 2009 and we’ll send you a free 6-pack of compact fluorescent lights.Here’s how to get your FREE CFLs: 1. Register for Online Services at 2. Click on Home Energy Center on the left side of your screen 3. Complete the Home Energy Survey and enter promotion code 2001 at the end of the survey 4. Click on Personalized Report on the Home Energy Center page 5. Click on View your Personalized Energy Report (PER)

37. Free Vota album download
-Christian Rock band

38. Free "Get the Sillies out" song by Yo gabba gabba download
-kids music

39. Free mp3 song "Pulling on a Line" by Great Lake Swimmers
-Today only

40. Two free Christmas songs to help you start getting in the mood. (61 days till christmas :) )
O'Carolan's / Welcome christmas:

White Christmas:

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