Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday 9/30/2009

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1. Free BuddyCheck 9 breast health kit
-valid in only in the following states: DC, MD, VA, WV, DE, PA

2. Free Fuel Economy Guide

3. Free “The flu: What Women need to know” publication

4. Free “Christmas is coming! 2009” ebook
-advent book for kids

5. Free Lambers CPA Review study guide

6. Free I Am NATE! childrens books

7. Free 2010 Wall Calendar
-for worship centers

8. Free 2010 Financial Fitness Calendar -NJ only

9. Free 2010 Clare Boothe Luce calendar -for students
-click the box on the left to order

10. Free set of six Dove Thank You Cards
-first 20,000

11. Free Chex mix at Target
Target has chex mix 3.75 ounce bags near the register or food area for $.99 at many locations, making them Free with that coupon.

12. Free 3 1/2″ LED flashlight at Harbor Freight

13. Free Fur-Free Friday pack from Peta

14. Free Anniversary Hand Pointer from Learning Resources
-org./school name required

15. Free Seafood Watch Sushi Advocate Kit

16. Free Soybutter sample
-Click “request a sample” on the left side

17. Free prostate health kid

18. Free joint health kit – MD only

19. Free Kerasal Exfoliating Foot Ointment sample

20. Free sample of Emergen-C drink mix
-Click free samples

21. Free Tall Brewed Coffee at Starbucks Oct. 2-5
-From Oct. 2 – 5 Participants can taste Colombia Starbucks VIA next to fresh-brewed Pike Place Roast and challenge themselves to guess which one is Starbucks VIA. Starbucks VIA Taste Challenge participants will receive coupon for a complimentary Tall brewed coffee on their next visit as well as an offer for $1 off a Starbucks VIA Ready Brew purchase.

22. Free subscription to Dance Teacher magazine

23. Free subscription to CBS Watch magazine

24. Free subscription to Rouge magazine from P&G
-this has been around for a while but they seem to finally be sending it. It will have coupons in it.

25. 2 Free Philadelphia 76ers preseason tickets
-the tickets are for the Oct. 9th game against the Nets and Oct 20th against the Wizards

26. 3 free bluntville cigars -mail in
-their site might be considered “not work safe” (when you click on the link, the ad has a pic of a girl wearing a skirt so short it reveals the bottom part of her bum)
link to the form you need

27. Free ASPEX envelope opener
-scroll down to form

28. Free Bag Eukanuba Puppy Food
-only seems to work in certain browsers, it worked in IE for me. -click the image at the bottom of the page that says to get your free bag

29. Free Photo Postcards from Hippopost
-you don’t have to send them through facebook, you can do it on your phone or through their website now as well. You can send 2 a day

30. Free Indoor Air Quality placemats, decals, posters and more
-info to order is at the bottom.

31. Free subscription to Strokesmart magazine

32. Free sample from PocketSquareZ

33. Free sample of Paradise Island gourmet popcorn

34. Free “Bread Recipes” ebook
-this is a sample of the 500 bread recipe book, so it does not have all 500 recipes, but it does have a lot

35. Free “Cells, Genes, and Protein Machines” coloring book

36. Free “Richard of Jamestown” ebook

37. Free “Betty Crocker’s Cook Book For Boys & Girls” ebook

38. Free “First book of Bugs” ebook

39. Free “The Peter Rabbit Stories” ebook

40. 10 Free songs on itunes from creations festival

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