Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday 3/25/09

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1. Free subscription to guitar player

2. Free 16×20 canvas for Mom’s of Deployed Troops
-If more than 500 requests are made, recipients will be selected at random

3. Free “item” on Winster
-To use your coupon, just log in at, click “Home” on the menu in the grey bar at the top, then click on “Gift Shop” at the left. Select the item you want. Then just below the hats, where it says “Coupon Code:” enter the following: spring2009 Then click “Apply Coupon” to the right. You can use this coupon for yourself, or you can give a gift to someone else - just view their Profile, and click on “Give a Gift” at the left. (Psst - you can actually use this coupon for ANY item in the Gift Shop, including a Day Pass or 300 extra spins!)

4. Free sample of Old Spice Bodywash

5. Free Pretzel at Pretzelmaker and Pretzel Time on April 26

6. Free Chemir Mug or Pocket-sized 12-Function Tool
-get all three right for the mug, get one or two right and you get the tool. Answers: 1. 1959 2. food and chemicals 3.Scientific Excellence

7. Free Earth’s Best Baby Feeding Guide and coupons

8. Free sample of Konsyl Easy Mix psyllium fiber

9. Free tickets to see Adventureland screening -they have: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Denver, Fort Worth, Grand Rapids, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Norfolk, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, Seattle

10. 2 Free issues of Redbook

11. Free retirement investment guide[first_name]=&person[last_name]=&person[email]=&address[address1]=&address[zip_code]=&phone[number]=

12. Free SPC Re-Form Sorbent Pad Sample Pack
-direct link to form:
-company name required

13. Giveaway of the day – Advanced audio recorder 6.0.2

14. 300 Free Continental Airlines Onepass Miles
-click each of the boxes on the page and enter your onepass number.

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