Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday 3/20/09

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1. Free Oprah’s ebook of the month “Debt Diet: How to erase your debt:

2. Free Dr. Phil’s Money Advice Ebook

3. Free package on Eating out safely

4. Free t-shirt at Olympia sports stores
-Valid 3/18-3/22
- they have locations in the northeast

5. Fifty Free regal Crown club credits
-You need a regal club membership id#$QM1qQmA&n=400

6. Another free parking violation sticker

7. Free sample of Kotex overnight pads

8. Free lapel pin samples and more
-company name required
-make sure to check lapel pin sample box

9. Free savannah wedding planner

10. Free Hurricane Dvd
-This is a brand of boat

11. Free gift from Alpha tools
-company name required

12. Free Mens wall stickers
-warning: this is an adult freebie. Please make sure you know what you are ordering before you order it on this one.

13. Free download a day laptop sticker

14. Free urban dread sticker
-Click email us your sticker photo or request for a free sticker
-when email pops up, send them you info for sticker

15. Free Golgotha guitar instruction stickers
-Scroll down screen till you get to the part about stickers, send them an email with your info to:

16. Free Healing Scriptures cd

17. Free sample of organic natural soaps and organic shea soufflé

18. Free 8x10 picture of your choice!
-we all love free pictures of our kids/family/pets right? and free shipping too!
-This is great, ok the whole point of the sampe is they want to show off their new printers, so your picture will be printed off of their printer, well you have like five to choose from. After you are down ordering, they give you the option of sampling pictures from the other printers, so you can get five 8x10 photos for free!!!
-they can be all different photos, and it’s all free, no shipping or handling or anything!!

19. Free sundae for your dog at bruster’s
-Yep, it’s that time of year again! Happy spring!

20. Free bamboo sheet fabric sample
-Small fabric sample, perfect for doll houses, or crafts

21. Free ebook: Tar sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent
-Expires today

22. Free floor tile basics: Selection design and installation class for women at home depot
-March 26 from 7pm till 8:30
-Must sign up ahead of time

23. Giveaway of the day – netstat agent 2.1.3

24. Free klean-to-go personal protection packets sample

25. Free sample of colgate maxfresh
-Select areas only

26. Free tote at Victoria secret
-register and they will give you a coupon to print on the next page.
-It says free gift so you will get something but most stores are giving totes

27. Free Thomas & Friends wooden train at Toys R Us this weekend

28. Free subscription to Milk Magazine
-”Once we re-launch, you will receive a 1-year subscription”.
-It’s a “Grown-Up Magazine for the Hip-Hop Generation.”

29. Free box of Glucerna cereal
-Call 1-877-879-4857
-automated call in -the retail price for a 9.5 oz box is $4.59 so it’ll be free with the $5 coupon.You can still get the print coupon here as well.

30. Free 2009 Great American Bake Sale kit
-includes: Official Bake Sale poster, Participant Brochure with recipes and tips, and valuable coupons from our sponsors

31. Free sample of Dove Hair therapy

32. Free mp3 song downloads by the high rise diaries

33. Tons of free downloadable ebooks
-Just click on it and you have the option saving it to your computer
-There are all different kinds, something for everybody (there are even some Stephen king and j. K. Rowling on here)

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