Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday 3/19/09

Don’t forget to vote for us:

1. Free GP-X Marker samples
-Company name required

2. Rate new music for free stuff
-Rate the music and get points to redeem for free stuff

3. Free France Map or Poster
-You can order one of the items for free, if you want more then that, there will be shipping charges

4. Tide Development Team
-From time to time you may also receive information about product samples, research

5. Another free sample of Prilosec OTC

6. Free Digital Thermometer
-PA only

7. Free “Haunting in Connecticut” movie screening on 3/25
-it’s first come first serve so you’ll have to get there early. -available in: Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Cleveland, OH; Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Denver, CO; Detroit, MI; Las Vegas, NV; Hollywood, CA; Sacramento, CA; San Francisco, CA; Memphis, TN; New York, NY; Miami, FL; Orlando, FL; Tampa, Florida; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Washington DC, ;St. Louis, Missouri and Minneapolis, MN

8. Free gift at the North Face store 3/20-22
-print the page and bring it in store 3/20-22. Not valid at outlet stores

9. Free subscription to American photo
-New link

10. Free sample of gain

11. Free books/ Booklets from the Will Rogers Institute

12. Free copy of My child’s health notebook

13. Free sample of dunkin donuts coffee
-link working again

14. Free Asa - Jailer Mp3 download

15. Free sample of Hard candy

16. Free explorer’s handbook

17. Free raspberry emergen-c

18. Giveaway of the day – jfirewall personal pro

19. Free Henna for Hair “How to “ Henna ebook
-you can download it for free or send an email requesting a free cd of it

20. Free Pull cord flashlight
-Click request a sample on the left hand side, and send them an email with your info

21. Free biocare skin and hair care samples
-Another new link
-Make sure you check the sample box

22. Free Pringles
-Check the I want a seat on the Pringles national consumer advisory panel.
-You will be the first to be offered free samples and the like

23. Free copy of Garden wise
-You can download a copy or order a copy by email
-Two versions are available, the western Washington and eastern washingon

24. Free seeds from tree dazzled
-Free conifer seeds
-Ok, this one is a tiny bit of work, but is worth it.
-You have to make a comment anywhere within treedazzled then send them any email requesting your seed. Completed and easy to understand instructions are at the website

25. Free Garfield Magnet

26. Free downloadable alzheimer’s caregivers playbook

27. Free crochet Patterns

28. Free sample of Roots of Nature strengthening oil moisturizer and reconstructing deep

29. Free sample of kellogg’s all-bran drink mix

30. Free tea sample

31. Free sample of Activ-flex Lightweight Cohesive tape
-Check box at bottem that you want free sample

32. Free tea samples from jaya teas

33. Free Leviathan Reloaded Sample

34. Free garden planting info kit

35. Free sticker sample kit

36. Free Live at the Paradiso Amsterdam MP3 download

37. Free thermo energizer

38. Free cedar fresh sample

39. Free sample from diamond herpanacine associates

40. Free sample of Joint relief supplement

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