Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday 5/21/09

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1. Free subscription to American Photo magazine

2. Free digital TV converter box and antenna
-if you haven’t used your coupons yet(which you can still apply for) you can get this converter box now with a free antenna as well.

3. Metromint Word-of-Mouth program
-looking for participants in: San Diego, LA, NY, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont.

4. Five free issues of Wind surfing

5. Nine free issues of Wake Boarding – Working again

6. Free VOIP headset
-you Must host 2 meetings, at least 20 minutes each, with at least 1 attendee besides yourself during the free trial period to receive
-for radio code enter: Instant

7. Free Florida Marlins Billy’s Bunch kids club kit -FL only

8. More Free Playtex Gentle Glide tampon sample pack

9. Free copy of Dwight Hall’s “grave expectations” book –religious
-Left side

10. Free subscription to NASA Tech Briefs
-business name required

11. Free o.b. Tampon Sample
-when you put in what tampons you use don’t put O.B. and they will tell you that you will get a sample at the end

12. Free 30 day trial of ENABLEX –coupon
-Click yes, then fill out the form

13. Free Frozen Mango or Pomegranate Lemonade from Corner Bakery
-They will also email you a free cookie coupon if you sign up here:

14. Free Target Baby Welcome Kit -in store
-create a baby registry. After you do that it will say “Don’t forget to pick up your Target Baby Welcome Kit loaded with coupons, samples and our indispensable Buying Guide at your favorite Target store” . You’ll get this image in your email as well

15. Free sample of Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Pro Deep Wrinkle Cream

16. Free pack of “Invisible Glass” Wipes -working again

17. Free Alphag33k t-shirt

18. Free subscription to Cycle World

19. Free Gout Discussion Guide kit
- select yes on the right, then fill out the form

20. 10,000 Free Pogo tokens

21. Free LA Dodgers ticket -insurance quote
-Vouchers can be redeemed at the Dodgers box office, Monday through Thursday

22. Free software giveaway of the day – Wondershare audio converter

23. Free Summer workshop for kids 8-12 this summer at Apple stores

24. Free bonus for united mileage plus members,6722,53071,00.html?jumpLink=%2Funitedtwitters
-they’ll give it out when they reach 10,000 twitter followers.

25. Free natural persimmon tea sample

26. Free national fishing days
-Put in your state and hit go to get info.
-Pretty sure I posted this before, but I am reposting it cause here in Pa, this sat is on of our free fishing days

27. Seven free issues of Sport Diver

28. Three free ebooks
-Fairy tales and wonder stories, Heroes and Heroines of Chivalry, and Old Fashioned stories

29. Three more free ebooks
-Animal and Nature stories, Stories that never grow old, and true stories of courage and heroism

30. Free downy liquid softener
-short survey
-I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one coming, but it you have the time, it doesn’t hurt to try

31. Free N95 Anti-Flu FaceMask

32. Free Sharper promotional product samples
-request the ones you want in the box at the bottom

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