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1. Free movies for familes at Rave motion pictures on Tuesday and Wednesdays
-at 10am for the next 8 weeks-locations in AL, AR, CA, FL, IL, IN, LA, MI, NE, NV, OH, PA, TN and TX

2. Free Speaking Clearly: Living well in a world that doesn’t understand psoriasis book

3. Free Cold Turkey Tea sample

4. Free copy of the Pirate Code booklet

5. Free OTC Logo Knife

6. Free dog tag, wristband, or t-shirt from the Marines
-copy paste the link
-you will get contacted by a recruiter

7. Free precious places “The Princesses Save the Ball” DVD
-working again

8. Free genome scan -first 10,000

9. Free Yoplait Whips yogurt –coupon
-not valid in CA, ID, LA, MN, NJ, NV, ND and TN

10. Free 3 year subscription to JVibe
-it’s for jewish teens in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Nevada, Maryland, Cleveland, Ohio, New Jersey (Metro West, Central and Middlesex) and the San Francisco Bay Area. One year free for Portland, Oregon, Rhode Island and to all JWest campers on the west coast. and a sample copy for everyone else not in those locations if you check the Free Sample box

11. Free National Donor Sabbath Pins/Donor Cards

12. Free 12-oz. Seattle’s Best beverage at borders

13. Free subscription to Renewable Energy Focus

14. Free cup or cone at TCBY for dad on june 21

15. Fee-free weekend at more than 100 national parks
- june 20-21 is the first fee-free weekend at more than 100 national parks

16. Free subscription to CBS watch magazine

17. Free Fiji Tanning butter

18. Free Trestlewood T-Shirt

19. Free “You Looking for Cool Apps?” T-Shirt
-you have to review an application

20. Free Steaz Energy Shot

21. Free $15 for Giant Eagle Customers
-you get $5 for 3 visits for watching their 2 minute video

22. Free cell phone if you qualify
-Qualification standards vary depending on the state in which you reside. Generally, you qualify if you are currently enrolled in any government assisted program such as: Section 8 Housing,Medicaid, medicare, Food Stamps, Home Energy Assistance Program, Social Security IncomeSafelink is another program similar to this that I have posted about before. Might want to check it out if this one isn’t in your area.

23. Free dvd and brochure about autism

24. Free golf impact labels

25. Free software giveaway of the day

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